Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seven !!

I love this part in blogging..writing about me and knowing about my blogger friends. Nice is'nt it? Thanks a lot to those who started this MeMe..
Here are certain things about me meme:)

7 Things I Say More Often:
1.I think...
2.thats ok
5.yummy. God.
7.No problem.

7 Things I Did Before:

1.Worked as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering.
2.Did my Graduation in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Energy Engineering.
3.Myself and my Xav were dating for 7 years before marriage.
4.Enjoyed playing basket ball and grew a very long hair.
5.Started cooking by 15 , when my mom started suffering mutilple health issues.
6.Enjoyed shopping in Saravana stores of T.Nagar, Madras. (I love to get mixed in a crowd).
7.Explored Madras .

7 Things I Do Now:
1.Having more fun and quality of time with my Xav.
2.Doing experiments in Kitchen and Home Management.
3.Blogging, chatting with my brother.
4.walking and exercising.
5.watching movies, browsing.
6.Praying .
7.Love western dresses and medium length hair styles.

7 Things I Want to Do:
1.want to do something in preventing cruelty to humans.
2.Want to live a blessed, graceful and ,meaningful life.
3.My brother should get married soon.
4.Visit many religious places like Kasi Annapurani in Ladoo decoration, Bethlehem , St.Antony in Padua and a long list.
5.Should build our dream house ,save for future.
6.want to conserve our energy resources in every walks of life.
7.Both of us should maintain good health and a healthy weight.

7 Things That Attract me About Opposite Sex:

2.Generosity for the needy.
3.Good habits.
4.Leadership quality.
5.Intelligence and abilty to learn.
6.Good dressing sense.
7.Pious nature and respecting all religions.
I find everything in my Xav and so I thank God always.

7 Favorite Foods:
1.Madras : Kothu Parotta (Scrambled egg-parotta) and kushka
2.Tirunelveli : Halwa and Parotta with salna.
3.Drumstick leaves (murungakeerai) curry.
4.Small size fishes like sardine and anchovy.crustaceans like Shrimp and crab.
5.all kind of chocolate Cakes.
6.Poori with potato non spicy curry.
7.Any food cooked and served with love:)


Malar Gandhi said...

I're an interesting person! Hey...we have so much in common. will scrap those in orkut!:) Wish you all success and dreams come true in near future!

Vij said...

Lovely entries! prayers n good wishes for the same.

I have somethin for ya in my blog!! :-)

Vij said...

hi viki...thanks for the kind words...keep me in prayers..
God bless!

Sagari said...

nice to know about u

anudivya said...

Loved reading it.. :)

Gita's Kitchen said...

Loved reading about you Viki :)

Jaishree said...

Nice to Know more abt u. Lovely MeMe:)

Purva Desai said...

It was fun reading ur meme.......I wish all ur wishes come true...

DK said...

A lecturer in mechanical Engineering!!!!!..Umm..!

Ramya Bala said...

lovely meme...
hey malar's comment says u r in orkut..y dont u join food bloggers community?will see u there

Yasmeen said...

It was pleasure knowing you Viki,my best wishes for your future plans:)