Sunday, April 7, 2019

Glimpse of Spring and Easter !

A few clicks from my neighnorhood shops:

'Stop and Shop' store:

Marshmallow peeps (chicks) and Bunnies.

A painting idea !!!

Just love clicking these paper plates with Easter theme. 

Chocolate bunnies cheers us and gives a glimpse of spring.

Chocolate bunnies and peeps....looks like Easter is coming soon.

Marshmallow peeps and bunnies for Easter. I use these sweets to decorate the cakes I make.
My hubby dear knows exactly what I need . It seems like God's gift  for me. I smiled all through the day. 

Major Nailpolish companies would do a clearance sale before summer. So it is my lucky day :)

Vinyl Tablecloth from Stop n shop $3.99. , Agarbathi Incense sticks (frankincense and Myrrh)  from Walmart $ 1 each.

From Shoprite:

Colorful cauliflowers (Pink, orange, green and regular white cauliflower) in Shoprite.

Cranberry beans / butter beans

Everything looks fresh !

Crocus Vernus in my garden , budding out of the frozen grounds.

Mini Daffodiles too start smiling for spring.  The economical way to garden is to buy all these bulbs by the end of summer and planting them immediately. They will hibernate during winter and will come out during spring.

Orange / yellow and red Tulips from Walmart

Door decors for Easter

Easter decors.

Easter decors , Wall plaque $ 2

Easter decors

Painted this last week . Love elephants ! (ombre technique, tree of life and elephants).

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