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TamilNadu Muslim's wedding special Biriyani

North Indian biryani and Hyderabadi Biryani are entirely different from the TamilNadu Muslim's version.

In TN , the rice is cooked in the gravy along with meat (known as the Arabian method). While in the other versions, they cook the rice and meat separately and mix afterward in the dhum process (slow cooking).
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Chicken Dum biriyani and on 'Tips to make tasty biriyani'

I am sure any one out there who have tasted the biryani in a TN Muslim marriage (or the one prepared by a chef trained to do so) will always seek for that stunning taste. Some years ago , while working in India I met an interesting Accountant, whose hobby is to cook for wedding parties. Beyond the regular office job and despite of his wealthy background he had a crew to join him for this extra job, which he liked very much. One of my colleague told me about this famous chef who happened to sit in the midst of many files.
On my request, without any hesitation he shared me the secrets beyond this famous biryani and some interesting facts too.
From then whenever I prepare a biryani, I remember the way he passionately explained me:)

Noting his version below to appreciate and enjoy.
1.They use only halal meat.The meat should be marinated with curd, salt for few hours to overnight.

Weight of meat should be equal to that of rice.Use red meat only or use a whole chicken along with bones.
2.They pray to God before making biryani, as they consider it as food for the God.
(I always appreciate the dedication and love).
3.They consider inviting all the people they know for the feast.
(oh yeah , how can we feast a tasty food without any social consciousness).
4. They start cooking as early as 2 AM to serve for a feast in the lunch. The secret is the long hours of dham in low heat. (That 10 hrs of cooking makes it yummy!).
5. Don't use chilli powder, coriander powder,  poppy seed, Turmeric powder , garam masal powder. This briyani should not be spicy, but we should get the green chilly flavor only.
6. Use good quality milk, saffron , rose essence , ghee.
7. They serve the food in a very large plate (called thambalam) and the close family members eat together in the same plate, whereas guests are served separately.
(Most of the Muslim marriages serve Mutton biryani, but I have used chicken and simplified the procedure enough to make it in small batches at home. If you are using mutton,then don't cook it in a pressure cooker. Instead cook mutton in direct heat, but add a pinch of meat tenderizer powder or a piece of raw papaya to reduce the cooking time or lamb)

Briyani with carrot raitha

carrot raita and tomato sweet are served with briyani in Muslim festivals in my neighborhood

Basmathi rice or jeeraga samba or kali jeera rice - 1/2 kg (approximately 3 cups)
Chicken - 1/2 kg
(with bone / leg piece is good. Don't use breast piece / white meat for this recipe)
salt - To taste
Green chilly - 6
Red onion - 100 gms (2)
Tomato - 100 gms (4)
Lemon - 1/4
ghee - 1/2 cup
oil - 1/4 cup
Rose water - 2 tbsp
(or a drop of rose essence)
Milk - 1/4 cup
curd - 1 cup (optional but tastes good)
saffron - a pinch

Paste 1:
cilantro - 10 plants (leaves only)
mint leaf - 10 sticks (leaves only)
green chilly - 4

Paste 2:
Ginger - 2 inch
garlic - 10 pearls

To dry roast and powder:
Fennel seed - 1 tbsp
cinnamon - 1 inch
cardamom - 4
cloves - 6
Black pepper - 1 tbsp

For tempering:
cinnamon - 3 inch , 1 star aniseed, cashews - 10 ,1 tsp Sea weed (kalpaasi), a small chip of Nutmeg (jathikkai), 1/4 of a mace, raisin - 10, bay leaf - 2 , cardamom - 5, cloves - 6.

Clean the chicken and cut it in to big pieces. Wash and Keep aside.
Rub a tsp of salt + juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 cup curd and leave it for an hour.
(overnight marination inside fridge yields very tasty juicy chicken pieces in biryani).

Chop the onion in lengthwise.
Chop Tomato into small cubes.
Keep the green chillies as full, don't cut it.
Dry roast and powder the items given.
Grind ginger and garlic together to a fine paste.
Grind cilantro, mint, green chilli to a very fine paste.

While we start tempering,  rinse and clean the rice. Soak it in water for 10 minutes , drain water and let it remain for 1/2 an hour (while we saute and cook the meat). Don't soak for more time. The rice may break by over-soaking.

Heat oil + ghee in a  broad bottom vessel meant for biriyani.
Soak the rice in room temp water for only 10  minutes.
Toss in a small bark of cinnamon, 1 star aniseed, cashews , 2 rose bud, 1 tsp Sea weed (kalpaasi), a small chip of jathikkai(nutmeg),  raisin.
Immediately add the chopped onion + little salt and fry till it becomes golden brown.
Add the ginger garlic paste and stir well till the raw smell vanishes.
Now add the finely chopped tomato and cilantro paste (paste 1). Saute till the tomato gets mashed and oil starts showing off.  USE GHEE GENEROUSLY.
Now put the chicken pieces along with some more salt, a cup of water , powdered masala and cook it covered.
Cook till all the water gets absorbed by the chicken and the chicken is almost cooked .
Put the soaked rice.. and saute it gently without breaking the rice grains.
Now add water just enough to immerse the rice and meat completely.  Start heating and let the rice gets cooked 50 %. Ensure that some water is standing above the rice. If not add boiling water so that water stands 1/2 inch above that rice.
(No need to measure the water. Literally it is not possible to measure the amount water if biryani is prepared in large quantities. ).

Put some freshly chopped mint, cilantro leaves and uncut green chillies.
As soon as the water starts boiling, we can see some holes start appearing on rice. close the vessel with a tight lid and let the rice absorb all the water. Now the rice will be 70 % cooked. Switch off the flame.

Dhum process:
Actually while cooking for large parties the chef used to cook the biryani in large stoves burning with fire wood. And at this point they put off fire and make the biryani sit over hot charcoal. Moreover they close the edges of the lid with wet chapathi / roti dough to prevent steam to escape and cook the food in low heat.They put lot of hot charcoal also above the lid. After 5 hours they will get a perfect biryani, with that long grain rice becoming soft, firm and some what short:)
I simplified the above process with a home adopted dhum process.

Home adopted dhum process:

Start heating a thick dosa tawa . (Dont't use your regular dosa tawa. Because you may spoil the dosa tawa while doing so. So I use my chapathi tawa)
Place the biryani vessel over the hot tawa.

Now mix the milk , rose water and saffron and sprinkle it all over the rice. (This generates enough steam to slow cook the rice).
Spread the raisins all over the rice.
Sprinkle some more ghee (2 tbsp) over the rice.

Reduce the heat to minimum. Close the vessel tightly using a flat lid / plate.
Using a wet chapathi dough, cover the lid's edge to seal completely.

Before hand bring 2 liters of water to boil in a vessel. close it with lid.
Place it above the biryani vessel and lid.
Reduce flame to minimum.
Let the setup remain for nearly 2 hours. (2 hours is enough for a smaller batch , less than 2 kg rice).

After that we need not stir the biryani.

After 2 hours we can get a good biryani smell filling the house.
Take it out and enjoy.

TamilNadu Muslim style Biryani is ready !

Serving suggestions:
Mostly in TamilNadu Muslim marriages they Serve it hot with Thakkali thithippu (a kind of Tomato jam) , onion - carrot raitha , any spicy non veg curry , of course a semiya javvarisi payasam and a special dish called dhalsa (a thick dhal curry made with some mutton).
The above said quantity would be enough to serve 4 adults.

Rice calculation - for 1 adult use 3/4 cup of rice.
Jeeraga samba rice (Jeera rice) will give more flavorful Tamilnadu biryani than the basmati.

Hope I tempted you enough by describing a TamilNadu Muslim marriage feast:)

Including this TamilNadu Muslim's Wedding special Biryani to the event The potluck - chicken ' hosted by me.

For mutton briyani:
Just proceed like the same method, but don't add tomato, salt or lemon without cooking the mutton. It will delay the cooking of mutton. So after the ginger garlic paste (without vinegar), add the mutton and cook in direct heat or pressure cook (medium flame in 10 minutes after 1 whistle). Then add tomato, salt and prepare the briyani just like chicken briyani. If you have lesser time to prepare the goat (mutton) briyani, then just pressure cook the meat (though it is not traditional).

update: 2014
Onion getting fried in ghee + oil

Marinated chicken. Adding curd is optional , but tastes good.

Onion, ginger garlic paste, tomato, cilanto mint , green chilly masala paste cooked

after adding chicken and oil separates

Cook the chicken masala till it tastes perfect and oil separates.

See  little water standing above semi cooked rice. Briyani is ready for dhum.

Dum in oven . Cover tightly with aluminum foil and heat 350 deg c for 30 minutes and reduce to 250 for 1.30 hours

(OR) Keeping dum in stove. Top vessel has very hot water. Heat every 15 minutes and keep the water above the briyani vessel and stove in minimum heat.
Briyani after dum cooking

Chicken briyani in  SouthTamilnadu Muslim style. It won't be very grainy like North Indian briyani But well cooked and not mushy.


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Pooja said...

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it has come out perfect, nice separated grains and color; love the muslim briyanis but have never dared doing the dum method, my husband does, but not me :)

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kalvj said...

Hi Viki,
I am at the dhum stage of cooking right now., must the flame be on LOW for two hours?
Thanks for your wonderful recipe..!

Vikis Kitchen said...

Kalvj: Sorry for the delayed reply dear. The entire dhum process should take place in minimum heat completely.
How did that biryani came out? I am sure you all liked it. Happy cooking dear.

kalvj said...

Thank U Vicky.! :)
Ofcourse.. It was just awesome and my husband loved it.
I opened the lid after its fragnance came out( 2 hrs)
Coming weekend his friends want us to prepare it again.! :) Thanks a Ton !!! :)
Just one more question, if the same recipe is prepared for 1kg chicken with 4 cups of rice, should i just double the quantity of all ingredients including the dry roast powder?

Vikis Kitchen said...

Kalvj: Thanks dear. you made my day:)
For 1 kg chicken use 1 kg rice. Try to double everything there, except the lemon juice. Our native dishes can be cooked with some adjustments, so follow your heart and find a balance in spices. But correct the masala before adding rice, as we can't alter the taste after that.

kalvj said...

U Too Made my weekend..:)
It came out very well.. Thanks a lot.! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Viki, My wife Jacintha is a regular reader of your Blog. I too enjoy reading it. I am from thoothukudi.

I was wondering for the dhum process, can you put it in oven for 1 hours ( fan forced or grill)


Unknown said...

Hi Viki, My wife Jacintha is a regular reader of your Blog. I too enjoy reading it. I am from thoothukudi.

I was wondering for the dhum process, can you put it in oven for 1 hours ( fan forced or grill)


Vikis Kitchen said...

Jude: Thanks sir. I am so happy that you both like it. Convey my regards to Jacintha.
Yes, we can do the dhum process in oven. Please the link below for dhum process in oven.

350 deg C, 90 minutes is my baking time for a conventional grill oven. I am not sure of fan forced one's timing.

Judy said...

Hi Viki
Very interesting post... i was looking for a muslim briyani and came across this... Thanks for posting this recipe..I tried the same recipe with veg today it tasted awesome but after 1 hr i didnt have patience to wait as i felt very hungry :) so kept for a whistle. i wanted to try chicken this weekend..can you please help out... i have a electric in CA... so when keeping in dum which setting we need to keep from may be exact 1,2 etc.thanks..

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Judy. So glad to know you like this biryani recipe. I am not sure of the stove setting for yours.So keep it just more than minimum and allow it for 1 hours , then check and proceed. All the best.

Husna said...

Biryani looks awesome. Iam gonna try it soon :) one thing I'd like to say is we say bismillah or pray before cooking not because we think food is for god. God does not need food. Whatever we do, we have to say bismillah which means in the name of Allah. We pray for Allah to guide and help us. Allah is supreme and does nit need anything from human. All Allah wants is for us to obey and follow what he has permitted and forbid what he has forbidden for us. Just clearing ur misunderstanding :)

Husna said...

Just want to clear ur misunderstanding. We pray or say Bismillah before doing anything for Allah to help and guide us. Not bcoz God needs food. Allah is supreme and doesn't need anything from human. He wants us to obey him and follow what he has permitted and stay away from what he has forbidden :)

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Husna.

Priyanka said...

Hi Viki,

I made this biryani as a special request for someone special.. And it came out very well. I could not find the Sea weed so i had to leave it out. Is it the same as the one you roll the Sushi in? Will i be ok if i just buy it from the Asian shop? or is the Indian one a bit different to that?

Thanks again for the Yummy recipe..

Kind Regards


Vikis Kitchen said...

Thank you Priyanka. The sea weed I mentioned is called kal paasi / kadal paasi in tamil. English name black stone flower. Here you can see the name...
But I am not sure where we can buy this. Happy cooking dear!

Gomez said...

Viki, I tried out your chicken Briyani and it was awesome really...hubby and kids loved it too....its just the briyani i wanted to taste for a long long time. thanks...

Gomez said...

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Vikis Kitchen said...

Gomez: Thank you friend. Those words made my day too:) Have a nice day.
Anonymous: Thank you friend. I am happy that you all like it. I am more happy that this recipe satisfies many like me:) Have a nice day.

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i was searching for a muslim style briyani and i got a gud one to try...thanks for the post.. will do dis for new year.. happy new year.. a gud start with your briyani.. thanks viki

amrita said...

hi viki,
i was searching for a muslim style briyani n i got a gud one.. thanks for the post.will try dis for new year. happy new year.. gud start with your gud recipe.thanks viki

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Amrita. Happy New Year!

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Vikis Kitchen said...

Anonymous: Thank you friend!

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Thanks for encouraging me Nambi. I am glad to know u and family like the recipe. Have a nice day!

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Latha said...

Delicious biriyani.Thank you so much.I have tasted it in muslim weddings and unforgettable taste n i am going to make this tomorrow.i have 2 questions and looking for your answer.

1) milk - 1/4 cup in ml

2)//Rub a tsp of salt + juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 cup curd and leave it for an hour.//
1 cup curd in ml


Vikis Kitchen said...

Hi Latha, 1 cup liquid is approximately 200 ml in my recipes.
Thanks for the comment. Hope its clear.
Eager to know how it comes out:)

Vikis Kitchen said...

Hi Safura,
Here is the link to tomato jam. Have a nice day.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Jessi. I am glad to know u like the recipe. Rose bud is dried buds of Edward rose (pink fragrant rose), kalpasi or kadal pasi is a kind of sea weed , as per my knowledge:)
(picture of edward rose: .

joe said...

A very tasty recipe. Thanks for the recipe. I could only read them and did not try them yet. Thanks any way, for the recipe and above all for the verses in your website. May the Gospel reach thousands and may many be blessed. Thank God for using you his channel of blessing. Keep up the good work.He is not unfaithful to forget our labour for him, he will reward you richly with all blessings from heaven above. May his blessings rest in your life and the peace that passeth all understanding fill your hearts in christ JEsus. Amen.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Joe: Keep visiting. Thanks for the well wishes and blessings. My prayers and well wishes for you and family always.

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Hi viki,
I really really enjoyed reading the post...yummy biryani... Iam a veggie, i wish to try dis recipe for my hubby... can u say de "salt measurement"... thanx in advance...

Vikis Kitchen said...

Hi Kavi, Thanks for visiting and encouragement. You can add 1/4 tsp salt per cup of rice in a briyani. In the same time while preparing the above said gravy you can use vegetables instead of chicken. Make that gravy delicious with required salt by tasting. (I use carrot, beans , peas, potato, butterbeans, cauliflower. No need to overcrowd the veggies. Just add veggies totally in equal weight of the rice you use). If some sweetness is missing while using veggies, then add 2 tbsp raisins to the gravy. I have posted some vegetable briyanis too. You can check them in my menu card in side bar.
Happy cooking and enjoy your day!

Vikis Kitchen said...

Ram: Jeeraga samba rice is equivalent to Kali jeera rice. You can use any jeera rice or basmati rice. Kalpasi can be left out if unavailable. Sorry for delayed reply sir.
Happy cooking!

Vimali said...

Hello Viki, Very good recipe. I tried it today; it was awesome. All our friends came to my home and had the Briyani. They were all freeze after they tasted. All were asking me where did you get the recipe. I am sure all are going to try. Thanks for sharing this. I become you good fan. You are the best!

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Vimali. That's so kind of you to encourage my recipe. I am very much happy that these recipes are satisfying many like you. Beyond this recipe, it is your effort, hard work and cheerful nature would have made the briyani more tasty. I am sure u are a nice hostess too. Happy cooking and best wishes!

Rajanikanth Jayaseelan said...

Thanks a lot Viki. This is the best mutton biriyani I made in a while. Very different from what I used to and it came out perfect. Followed exactly and I used a weighing machine to be sure. it took me 3+ hours just by slow cooking because I added the salt during marination. And my 4 year old enjoyed it too and that makes me double happy.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Mr. Rajanikanth. very glad to see such an appreciation. I am more glad that ur child enjoyed my recipe...this made my day too:)

Unknown said...

Viki,Thanks for the recipe! I tried this biryani today, it was just out of the world. The best biryani ever made. I am going to post it in my own blog. Can I pls add your link in my post?

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Divya. I am happy that it came out good for you. What is your blog link? It is not visible in your google profile. Regarding the blog post: You are welcome to write about this recipe, if you post it in your blog in your own words and your recipe pictures along with a link (must) to this post.
Eager to see urs too. Take care,

Unknown said...

Hi Viki,
Here is my Blog link.
Pls Check it & tell me if its ok.
Thanks again for this recipe

Vikis Kitchen said...

Hi Anu, Just now I saw ur post and left a comment there. Perfectly prepared briyani Anu. You have done a marvelous work here. This is how I ,learned and making the briyani . Its an art dear, pass it to your generations .That’s how I learned cooking and I love to share my recipes. Thanks for mentioning my link. I like ur blog very much. achieve more Anu. Wishing u and family a very happy Tamil New year.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your lovely words. It's nice to hear these words from an expert cook. For some reason I am not seeing your comment in my page. Wish you and your family a happy Tamil New Year too.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Anu, I tried posting my comment now also, but there is some log in issue for comment section. I will try again!

Unknown said...

i tried . wonderful . never expected it would be this good coz i tried biriyani for first time. also i was confused about when to use milk.if possible update it and also how to make chicken gravy and kathirikai thokku in muslim style. all the best for ur blog

Unknown said...

i tried . wonderful . never expected it would be this good coz i tried biriyani for first time. also i was confused about when to use milk.if possible update it and also how to make chicken gravy and kathirikai thokku in muslim style. all the best for ur blog

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Arun. I use milk to mix with saffron and drizzle upon rice before closing the lid for dhum process. It is optional only. I will try to write those recipes you asked too. Have a nice weekend.

Mispah jaheer said...

Assalamualaikum brother,

Very well illustrated. Today I'm going to give a try.hope my dh likes it.

One small correction hope you will not mistake me as I know you are viewers friendly....

We do pray before cooking as we do for all task before starting it, to make it as a blessed one. It's not that we offering to him,it's like we are seeking his help to finished it nothing can be done without his mercy

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Mesbah Nisha.

jith said...

very nice blog.. i likes your way of presentation..and nice recipe too..Best Restaurant In Palaklkad@Kerala

Unknown said...

i tried this one..really it was very family loved very much...thank you dear

Vikis Kitchen said...

thanks for trying my recipe dear. :) Have a beautiful day !

Henry Price said...

Your recipe looks very tasty. I have tasted biryani before in Kulcha King and it was very good. The toppings are so enticing and delicious. It gives an authentic Indian food taste. The same goes to their kulcha and kebabs. They even gave me some discounts because I ate there using dine-ins.

Saran said...

Hi viki... I hav seen this post many years before but got a chance to prepare it only today... By God's grace it is soooo tasty.. Superbbbbb it is....
I cudn't get nutmeg... Rest tempering spices i powdered and used as i was prep it for my baby...

Thanks for taking effort to share al those small details wit really helped us how a particular dish has to be in its original form

Thanks a lot...

Saran said...

Hi viki
Tried ur recipe.... Turned out fantabulous....
Thanks for sharing all the details regarding this famous dish...

Vazhaikkai Poriyal (Plantain stir fry)

This vazhaikai poriyal was a staple in our house as we had some (lot) of banana trees in our backyard. I have seen amma running there to pic...