Friday, August 31, 2018

Caramelized peach

If you love extremely quick processes, then this 'quick dessert' is going to be in your good books forever.
I made this for a simple dinner when our Amalraj anna visited us. Summer is the peach season after 'mango time' here. It comes around 99 cents/lb - $ 2.99 / lb  depending upon the store. I wanted to make some dessert with seasonal fruits on that day. So I bought some 3 medium size peaches from stop and shop. Preparation is the key to any dinner. So I had cut the fruit and kept it handy  in fridge and started cooking while serving the dinner.  I made this in low heat in my cast iron skillet (which is my new favorite toy) . I got it from camping section of Walmart (3 various sized skillet set for $9 in their roll back savings offer price). I felt very happy to see how much anna love it. The hot caramelized peach served with homemade mango ice cream and store bought hagen dazs caramel ice cream became the center of attraction on that day.  
Saute' the peach slices in butter.

Cooking the peach slices with butter , brown sugar, cinnamon powder.

Cook in low heat till caramelized (say 10 mins).

My lil menu planning board 

Mint Lemon juice, onion uthappam, coconut chutney, sambar, Poori, kilangu, caramel peach with icecream.

Caramelized peach with mango ice cream and hagen dazs caramel ice cream.

Peach (ripe) - 2
Brown sugar - 4 tbsp
butter - 2 tbsp
cinnamon powder - 1/2 tsp

Wash and slice the peaches into long wedges.
Discard the seed.
Heat butter in a thick bottom skillet or vessel.
Arrange all the peach pieces and cook for 5 minutes in low heat.
Turn over. Spread the brown sugar, cinnamon powder and cook till the sugar gets caramelized (flavorful and brown color). 
Caramelized peach is ready !

Serving suggestion:
Serve HOT along with any ice cream of your choice.

This dessert can be traditionally prepared in oven too. But the above said method is quicker.

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