Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kerala Avial (II)

My friend Mrs.Priya Anand gave me the recipe to do this kerala Aviyal.
Before hand I was trying a different version .I used to add coconut milk and do some tempering at the end. Then , I learnt that Keralites do not temper their aviyal. So I tried it this way and it tastes awesome.


White pumkin - 100 gms
Yellow pumkin - 100 gms
1-Raw banana (vazhakai)
1-Podalangai (snake gourd)
chenai - 100 gms (Indian yam)( I have not seen it at the grocery, frozen is available though- you can skip)
10 strings beans
1 drumstick
2 cups-yogurt (thick should not be watery)
1 cup-coconut
green chillies 6-8 (as per taste)
curry leaves (karugapalai)
coconut oil-2 tablespoon

Cut all the vegetable in one and a half inch long thin strips (like finger chips) Add pumpkin as per required quantity after putting all the other vegetables depending on how much you need. Boil the vegetables with turmeric and salt. When the vegetables are almost cooked drain out the excess water. Add the yogurt and let it come to a boil so that the yogurt is mixed well with the vegetables. Mix carefully as the vegetables may break. Grind the coconut and chillies to a fine paste. You can add the water from the boiled vegetables and grind to a thick paste. Do not add too much water. Add this paste bring it to a boil. Turn off the gas and add curry leave and coconut oil and mix well.

Serving suggestions:

Serve with rice , rasam and papadam.It can also be served with chapathi , naan , adai etc.

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Usha said...

You are right aviyal does not have any tempering and it is one of the most delicious of Indian curries,I believe....first time here you have a cool space here...congrats on your award too :)

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