Sunday, November 16, 2008

Showers of awards !!

More and more awards !!!
I think this is awards mela here in our 'blog kingdom' and Some of my friends have passed me a few more awards. I am so happy and excited about these new awards.

Gita and Yasmeen have passed me the Great Buddy Award and kreative blogger award .
Thank you soo much friends, I am so honored :)
Malar Gandhi and Purva have passed me the Hard working blogger award and Kreative blogger award.
I am so happy to receive these award. Thank you friends :)

I gladly pass those awards to the following friends.
Usha from
Deesha from
Vij from
Anu from

Jayashree has passed me the Kreative Blogger Award. Thanks a lot dear :)
I am glad to pass this award to
Vibaas from
Shama from
Mahimaa from
Sujatha from

Ramya and Purva have honoured me with a 360 Deg. foodie award. Thanks a lot friends:)

I am passing this award to
Malar Gandhi from
Gita from
Yasmeen from yasmeen
Shama from
Mahimaa from
Sujatha from

Congrats friends!
I owe you all big time. All of you deserve these awards even some of you may already have received these awards. I am displaying the Great Buddy Award , 360 deg blogger award , Hard working blogger award and Kreative Blogger Award in the left side column .


Deepthi Shankar said...

hey thanks so much dear .. Iam glad u thought about me

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

hey dear, thanks a lot for the award ;)

Vibaas said...

Congrats Viki on your awards. Thank you so much for thinking of me. I feel very happy.

Gita Jaishankar said...

Thank you very much dear for passing on the award. These mean a lot to me. Nice reading about you :)

Usha said...

Congrats on all your awards....thanks a lot for thinking of me...

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Congrats on your awards and am glad you liked the 360 degree award...

anudivya said...

Thanks so much Viki, congrats on yours!

anudivya said...

Thanks so much Viki, congrats on yours!

Kavitha said...

Congrats on your awards viki. Good job! Keep it up! I wish you, all your dreams come true in your hands soon......soon....sooner....dear..

Yasmeen said...

Congrats viki! thanks for passing the award to me:)

Shama Nagarajan said...

Congrats on all ur awards......thank you for passing the awards.... it's my pleasure....nice to read ur meme...u missed urs ......check out this

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