Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Idly Uppuma (scrambled Idly)

Here is a quiz for you my friends:)
1.What will you do if you have a lot of left over Idlies?
2.What will you do if your 'Jasmine like Idlies' turned out into hard rocks due to improper batter?
3.How can you feed Idlies to a kid who hates it like anything?
The most probable answer to all the above questions will be an easy but delectable dish called 'Idly Uppuma'.

I got introduced to this Idly Uppuma by my Rukmani aunt. She cooks everything with a lot of care and passion. She insisted me to use Sesame oil for this Idly Uppuma and then I found that the oil gives a unique taste to the dish.
I will reveal her lovely vegetarian dishes in course of time.
Here goes the recipe.

Idly Uppuma / Idli Upma:

Idli - 6
Urid dhal - 1 tbsp
mustard seed - 1/2 tsp
curry leaf - 1 brig
Onion (chopped)- 1 cup
Green chilly - 3
sesame oil - 2 tbsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp for 4 Idlies

While calculating the number of Idlies required, just minus one Idly per head.
Because we have to add a handful of onion for every 3 Idly we use and that will increase the volume of the end product.
Scramble the Idlies with your hand into small pieces. Keep aside.
Heat oil in a wok.
Add urad dhal and mustard seeds.Let the mustard seed crackle.
Then add the chopped onion, finely chopped green chilly, curry leaves and salt.
Saute well till the onion becomes transparent.
Add the scrambled idlies and stir well.
Switch off the stove after a minute.
Idly Uppuma is ready.

Serving Suggestions:
Serve as dinner / breakfast with 'Idly podi' or any chutney of your choice.
The Picture shows Idly Upma served with onion chutney.
Serves 2 adults.

Some sweet memories:

My hubby told me that he became a fan of this Idly uppuma after seeing this dish in a movie called 'Surya Vamsam' (a Tamil Movie). In that movie , the heroin (Ms.Devayani) and the hero (hubby's favorite actor - Mr.SarathKumar) prefer to serve this Idly uppuma for an unexpected guest as a quick fix meal . Actually that is a touching scene in the movie to show the hospitality of the couple even in the midst of poverty. Whenever I prepare this Idly Uppuma , I make fun of this scene to see his blushing smile:)

Yasmeen of health nut
has passed me a sweet note . See the picture below. Thanks Yasmeen.You are so sweet dear !!


sriharivatsan said...

Ha ha, story ellam solli hubby sapda vekkiriya..Kalakara po..I am telling stories to my kid now to feed him..

By the bye, idli upma looks yummy..I reduce the green chillies and add chilly powder/sambar powder to make it colorful..

Raks said...

I make this in the same way and love it! Sometimes,I make idly fresh and make upma immediately:)

Cham said...

Ada vittuku varalama? My fav fav tiffin item! I make the same way! Great

Chutneytales said...

This recipe never fails..Idli upma always tastes good :)..We call this 'Devyani Upma' (Fame : Suryavasam)..
I add a good pinch of turmeric to make it colorful..And have it by sprinkling some idli-milgai podi on top of it...Yum.
You reminded of idli upma to me now :)

Unknown said...

i nevr have idlileft over..looks like next time I have to deliberately keep a few for this..

Priya Suresh said...

My all fav...i do the same way too..

Premyscakes said...

Hi Vikki,

It is one of my fav too. Always i do this with different tastes, i love the one which i add idly podi atlast in idly uppuma.

Finla said...

I love idlies, but hubby and daighter dont like, i have never made them home, would love to have this upma with idlies.

Nandinis food said...

Our left over idlis changes into an idli upma for evening snacks/dinner. I used to make with turmeric and ginger to be colorful. Lovely sweet memories!

FH said...

Beautiful looking Upma, I never made this before! :))

gtyuk said...

hi viki,
the answer is Idli uppma ( quiz lol)

you know what, i love idli uppma already (my papa who doesn't know to make even an omlette, does this idli uppma so perfectly, he used to do for us (my sis and I)ok, ok, ok, not going to tell my whole history!!!
whatever, your idli uppma looks perfect and yummy!

i don't even need any chutneys for it, naan appadiye saapittu viduvenn!!
when you say uppma, i remember the idli dappaa of Asin in Vijay's movie "Pokkiri" !

Malar Gandhi said...

Yeah...when idly turns out hard...whis will be my idea. I also add a hint of turmeric to it. True sesame oil is the key for both idly and its upma...flavoursome!