Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kadalai kulambu

Kadalai kulambu generally means a curry made with channa. This is also a typical sounth Indian curry made with tamarind and hot spices.
The interesting fact is people call this lentil as 'Vegetarians' chicken' because of the high protein content.

Other names: chickpea, Cicer arietinum, garbanzo bean, Indian pea, ceci bean, bengal gram, Kabuli chana, konda kadalai, kadale kaalu, sanaga pappu, shimbra, Kadala

Black channa - 1 cup.
(We can use white channa also, but the black / red one has more flavor and fiber.)
Tamarind- 1 gooseberry size
chilli powder - 1tsp
coriander powder - 2 tsp
turmeric powder - 1/8 tsp
salt - to taste
feugreek (methi seed)-1/4 tsp
mustard seeds- 1/2 tsp
curry leaves - 1 sprig
sesame oil - 1 tbsp

To grind:

cumin seeds - 1 tsp
shredded coconut - 2 tbsp
onion (chopped)- 1 cup


Soak the channa overnight and pressure cook to get a whistle.
After the whistle , simmer the stove and switch off the stove after 10 minutes.
(20 minutes for white channa).

Extract the juice from tamarind. Keep aside.
Add the chilli powder, coriander powder, salt and turmeric powder to the tamarind extract.

In a pan add the oil , put mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds.
After the mustard gets cracked , add curry leaves.

Then add the tamarind extract mixture.
Let it boil for 10 minutes.
Now add the cooked channa along with the remaining water , if any.

Grind the coconut , cumin seeds and onion into a fine paste.
Put this paste into the boiling tamarind extract.
Check for salt and put off fire immediately after the raw smell vanishes.

Serving suggestions:
Serves for 4 to 5 people.
Serve with cooked rice, appalam and aviyal.


Chitra said...

Very nice, have bookmarked it.will make it soon ..Thanks !!

Sushma Mallya said...

Simple and delicious...

Sailaja Damodaran said...

looks thick...i love to have with hot rice

Finla said...

You can serve this for me with puttu or apom.

Anupama said...

Sounds good Viki... I will try this out soon :-)

Ann said...

We dont get black kadala here..seeing the picture,am drooling..how to get some dear ? awesome recipe to try.

Sandhya Hariharan said...

New dish again.... :)

Unknown said...

Protein packed kuzhambu!

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thank you friends.
Ann: Thanks dear. Its true many grocery stores abroad don't sell the red channa. So I stock up whenever I see them:)

Vijitha said...

Long time! How are you doing viki?

Yummy kozhambhu. I love this version which my makes and even your looks tasty tasty! :-)

gtyuk said...

I know it through the name " konda kadalai too"; They used to serve us this curry in the convent (evokes me funny souvenirs)! this curry is delicious with rice!

ST said...

Looks super dear:)

Sarah Naveen said...

what a coincidence!!! i made kadala curry today
looks really yummy!!!

chakhlere said...

wow!! Nice one viki. I loved the addition of tangy flavors.

Priya Suresh said...

My all time favourite, looks delicious..

Unknown said...

Wow!!Looks awesome n delicious!!! would love to have it with appam.

Malar Gandhi said...

I like this curry so much, they used serve this in our hostel once in a while...those days alone, I wont skip dinner.

Unknown said...

this looks yumm..goes well with idiappam and appam..with probably anything infact..

Sanghi said...

Mmm.. one of my favt da!

Suparna said...

very comforting and tastebuds satisfying dish dear.

Tina said...

Nice one perfect with hot puttu....

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

I love this too. Lovely recipe!

Anu said...

Nice one perfect with rice or roti..

Nandinis food said...

I would love to add tender Keerai stems (pieces) in this kuzhambu. Looks perfect for me :D

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