Monday, February 7, 2011

Mutton koftha (kola urundai)

Kola urundai (Tamil)  can be equated to 'deep fried meat balls'. Mutton kola urundai is more famous in Tamilnadu than the chicken counterpart. Nowadays we are conveniently getting kheema from the shops but some decades ago, they used  to grind the lamb meat at home in ammi (grinding stone). That will yield a very soft kofta with crispy crust. After getting adapted to that taste, mom used to grind the already minced meat in the mixie to get a very spongy kola urundai. We can use the minced meat directly also. But I have explained my mom's method , as my younger brother is eagerly looking for this recipe:)

Minced lamb meat - 250 gms
(kothu kari / mutton kheema)
ginger - 1 inch
garlic - 4 pods (optional)
onion - 1
turmeric - 1/4 tsp
garam masala powder - 1 tsp (optional)
fennel - 1 tbsp
cinnamon - 1 inch
red chilly powder - 1 tbsp
green chilly - 2
curry leaf - 1 sprig
cilantro - a handful
mint leaf - few

Puffed channa dhal - 1 cup
(pottu kadalai / pori kadalai)
oil - to deep fry

Place a fresh cloth over colander. Wash the meat and drain water in a colander till there is no water. A fresh cloth over colander can remove all the water without wastage. But some people say they can use the meat directly, which is also correct if you can get clean meat.

Grind the puffed channa dhal to a fine powder, when the mixer is dry.
Grind the minced meat in a mixie along with ginger, garlic, fennel and salt to a very fine stage without any water.
Chop the onion, green chilly, cilantro, mint, curry leaf to a very fine stage.

Mix the ground meat and chopped items with red chilly powder, turmeric powder, garam masal powder. Add the powdered dhal little by little to get a soft dough like consistency.

Take a small lemon size ball and shape neatly. Deep fry in hot oil.
Take out and serve hot.

Serving suggestions:
Serve as snack or side dish with rice.
In my home town, they make 'yelumbu kulambu' (a thin curry with lamb ribs) and  rice along with this kofta during festive days.
Yields 20 kofthas (approximately).

Some suggest to use the minced meat directly without grinding to a fine stage, that is also correct. But I have given my mom's method here.
We can make chicken koftha also like this.
Vegetarians can use the drumstick (murungakkai) 's inner flesh instead of meat, which will be equally tasty.
Chicken kheema can be used directly without washing and grinding. But lamb meat needs more care.
Fry a ball and check for salt and adjust the taste.

An award:
When I was about to publish this post, I received a beautiful award from Ambreen of 'Simply Sweet 'n' Savory'. Thank you dear. I am honored.

Her post is on Koftay salan and it is much perfectly prepared and cooked in the curry itself. I have never tried like this, as I simply drop the fried meat balls in the gravy. It has come out nicely for her. I thought it would be apt to mention her's here. Hope you all like her method too.

I am sharing this award with all those who visit this post. Enjoy!


Swathi said...

This mutton kofta looks delicious, tempting to even veggie like me.

Indian Khana said...

I never heard about mutton mufta ...very innovative ...congrats on your award

Pavithra Elangovan said...

Looks so yummy :)

Satya said...

kofthas looks very delicious....congrats for the beautiful awards dear
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Priya Suresh said...

Woww irresistible kola urundai,havent prepared since a long,makes me hungry..Congrats on ur award Viki..

soareacarmen2007 said...

I use long time ago curry but didn't know exactly what is.My husband still has to get used with the taste of sheep meat but I like it so.Thanks for your article.Come on our page to see how we encourage the others to be stilish:

Ambreen (Simply Sweet n Savory) said...

Your kofta recipe sounds delicious!
I am grateful to you for linking my recipe here and your nice words about it. Thank you so much for being so generous...So nice of you!

Anita said...

Tempting, sure to try out this recipe. Very nice.

Suja Manoj said...

Congrats on your award dear..
Looks so delicious,never tried making at home,must try this.

divya said...

mutton koftha looks so inviting. Great recipe.

Shama Nagarajan said...

delicious kofta

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