Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Grape juice

Many a times we squeeze fresh juice from raw grapes but by that way the juice would not get the color of the grapes. Also some people can't take grape juice , because of its cooling nature. But here is a method to extract the juice along with its natural color and suitable for all body types.
Few months back hubby brought a big pack of red grapes but it was a large quantity for him. So I made few recipes using it.  I saved some grapes for juice, so that he can take it to office for snack time:) This is not a regular juicing technique for grapes. But I love it very much, as my mom got this recipe from her sister, my Gandhi chithi . During one fine summer, when our chithi was visiting us, mom tried to make some grape juice as welcome drink instead of regular lime juice. Chithi told amma to follow the below method so that kids can drink it without any hesitation and after that she had used this recipe every time she made this juice and now I am continuing that:)

Grapes - 200 gm (2 coffee mug full approx)
water - 5 cups
sugar - 2 tsp per cup

Rinse the grapes thrice or till it runs clear.
Add 1 tbsp salt per 2 cups of rinsing water and let it soak to remove any chemicals (optional).
Again wash well in water. Drain water and keep aside.
Bring 5 cups of water to boil and add the grapes.
wait till it boils and grapes start cracking.
Switch off. Keep closed for 10 minutes. Let cool.
Take out the grapes alone and squeeze using hands. Add the sugar and scrub the fruit with sugar and extract all the juice.
Repeat with the boiled water and extract all the juice from grapes.
Filter to remove any seeds or skin.
Pour in a pitcher, let cool completely and serve chilled.

Red / black grapes look gorgeous by this recipe. I have used red grapes here.
Prepare this juice few hours before serving, let cool in room temperature or serve chilled.
Stays good in fridge for a 3 days.
Sour grapes will make incredibly tasty juice.


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Wow nice refreshing juice.

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Wat a refreshing juice, even i love grape juice very much.

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