Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quick oats dosai

Sometimes I make this kind of quick oats dosai using left-over dosai mavu (batter). No one can say that it contains oats. So this is a good way to incorporate more fiber in our regular Indian food. Rolled oats behaves like poha (aval) in Indian cooking. So it is easier to make many Indian foods also.
 Also see my paruppu thovaiyal (dal chutney) too, which is my favorite chutney.  Mix that dal chutney with a tsp of sesame oil and fall in love with this combo forever. Sharing this quick and easy healthy dosai with you all ! Hope you all like it !

Oats dosai served with paruppu thogaiyal.

Bubbles in dosai will tell that you have made a super soft dosa and it is a success :) 

rolled oats (traditional or microwaveable) - 1/2 cup
left over dosa batter - 1 1/2 cups
salt - to taste (optional)
Enos fruit salt - 1/8 tsp  (optional)
water - very little.

Powder the oats in a small dry mixie jar.
Add this to the dosa batter along with salt, eno's fruit salt. (Instead of eno's fruit salt we can add baking soda too, if we need a thick soft dosai. Otherwise we can make a crispy dosa with the same flour without any effervescent). Add little water to get dosa batter consistency (the batter should be thinner like pancake mixture).
Heat a dosa tawa. Coat it with sesame oil.
Pour a ladle of dosa mixture. Flatten it slightly to a small round (6 inch approximately).
Reduce flame and wait till it gets cooked (easy to flip stage).
Flip and cook the other side too.
Oats dosa is ready!

Serving suggestion:
Serve with any chutney , sambar just like ordinary idli dosai.

I have not tried this with 'steel cut oats'.
Try increasing the oats in this recipe up to 50:50 ratio and it will work good.
Eno's fruit salt can be substituted with a mixture of pinch of baking soda + lemon juice 2 drops (from my own experience , this gives the same effect .... bubbles in dosai).
Effervescent is needed in colder countries only and it is totally optional. Without this soda effect, dosa won't be spongy soft and still we can enjoy a thin dosai.

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