Friday, September 18, 2009

Side dish for chapathi (Veg) - I

I am glad to release the round up for the event 'Side dish for chapathi- part 1'.

The result is as follows:
Total entries are 384.
(Vegetarian entries = 332 and Non vegetarian entries = 52)

My sincere thanks to all those participants who have sent their kitchen treasures to the event. Also I thank those visitors who make the event more enjoyable by their sweet comments.

I have clubbed the entries in a possible alphabetic manner and releasing the round up in 6 episodes . Out of which, one episode is purely dedicated to non-vegetarian items for your convenience.

My apologies for my delayed acknowledgments and replies due to some personal reason. Please excuse and point me out if I can do anything better.
I have tried my best to check and publish all the entries. But my apologies if something got missed. Do drop a comment and I will do the needful.
(event mail id:

I am dedicating this event to all the foodies out there.

Here comes the round up with all those adorable pictures and recipes.

Enjoy the round up and Happy cooking !

Potato Cabbage Kofta curry
from Anu Ramesh of Anu's kitchen.
Spicy Mushroom masala from Anu Ramesh of Anu's kitchen.

Thanks Anu.

Fried aaloo pyaz paneer From Arti Agarwal of Breakfast to Dinner.
Paneer Kofta Curry from Arti Agarwal of Breakfast to Dinner.

Thanks Arti .

Cauliflower with peas kurma from Aruna of Veggie Paradise.

Thanks Aruna.

The Following entries are from Anu Radha of Anu's Yummy recipes.
Veg Makhan

Green Beans Stir Fry

Egg plant Curry
Lima Beans Curry
Spicy Okra Masala
Fried Tofu In Spinach Leaves

Ridge Gourd Sabzi

Thanks Anu Radha.

Cauliflower fry from Aruna of Veggie Paradise.
Cauliflower with peas kurma from Aruna of Veggie Paradise.
Channa Dhal Chutney from Aruna of Veggie Paradise.

Thanks Aruna.

Black chick peas and spinach curry from Ashwini of Ashwini's spicy cuisine.

Thanks Ashwini.

Palak Gobi from Of Aysha of life Today.

Thanks Aysha.

Dum Aloo Curry from Chaitra of Aathidhyam

Thanks Chaitra.

Easy Tomato gravy, potato capsicum curry and fried gram dal- coconut powder from Chitra of Ratatouille.

Thanks Chitra.

Malaysian style Mix veg curry from Rupali of Chakhlere.

Thanks Rupali.

Vegetable Jalfrezie from Divya Vikram of Dil Se.
Chili Tofu from Divya Vikram of Dil Se.
Punjabi Chole from Divya Vikram of Dil Se.

Thanks Divya.

Mattar Paneer from Divya Vikram of Dil Se.
Palak Tofu from Divya Vikram of Dil Se.
Easy Peas kurma from Divya Vikram of Dil Se.

Thanks Divya.

Bhagare baingan from EC of Simple Indian food.

Thanks EC.

Beetroot and potato sabzi from Faiza Ali of Faiza Ali's kitchen.

Thanks Faiza.

The below entries are from foodie girls:
Potato and drumstick.
Simple Quick tendli.
Aachari vegetables.
Masala mushroom from Kanchan (foodie girl).
Doodhi kofta from Naina (Foodie girl).

Thank you gals.

Aambat Batata from G.

Thanks G.

The following entries are from Gita Jaishankar of Gita's kitchen. Please click to see the healthy entries.
Baked vegetable manchurian.
Black chick peas curry.
Quick and easy moong dhal with red amaranth leaves.

Thanks Gita.

Tofu and peas masala from Gita of Gita's kitchen.

The following entries are also from Gita Jaishankar of Gita's kitchen. Please click to see her healthy entries.
Palak tofu.
Red bell pepper dhal.
Vegetable kurma.
Soya gravy.
Soya peas fry.

Thanks Gita.

Palak Paneer from Hema of Salt2taste.

Thanks Hema.

Mix-vegetable Do pyaza from Indrani of Appyayan.
Masala Brinjal (spicy eggplant curry)from Indrani of Appyayan.

Thanks Indrani.

The following entries are from Jaishree of 'Ruchi'.

Baingan Bhurta
Baghara Baingan
Corn Capsicum Masala

Thanks Jaishree.

This slide is dedicated to Jaishree of 'Ruchi'. Please click to see the adorable entries.

Green Banana Fry
Kadhai Vegetable
Radish Leaf Sabji
Kadhai Babycorn
Tendil Sabji
Masala Dal
Mixed sprout curry
Peas Masala
Moong Dal Balls In Gravy
Rich Kaju curry

Thanks Jaishree mam.

As per many of my friends' requests I am accepting lateral entries from today.
So if you are eager to include any of your recipes here , please drop the URL of your post in the comment column. I will be glad to accept them as lateral entries.
There is no time line for that.
Non bloggers can send it to my mail id:


Manju said...

thats an awesome whole bunch of recipes!! nice round up :)

Gita Jaishankar said...

I saw your post just now...its really shocking and sad to see...that blogger has copied all your photos and contents...even the watermarked ones...this is really shameful...I dont know why these people start a blog in the first case when all they post are copied contents of someone else hardwork...I have also filed a spam against this blog following the link that you posted...take care dear.

Gita Jaishankar said...

Awesome roundup so many need a break dear :)

ST said...

Lovely and awesome roundup dear:)

Raks said...

6 episodes!!! Great,now we all dont need to break our heads for what to make for chappathi as side dish! Looking forward for all the episodes :)

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Lovely round up viki....but really sad to know that someone has copied your recipes...we all should fight against it...i have filed a spam against this blog...dont worry viki...take care..

Chitra said...

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Wondeful roundup !
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Awesome round up Viki....u did an amazing job!!!

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Awesome Viki... Wonderful Roundup!!!!

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Preeti Kashyap said...

Thanks viki :). Sad to hear about the plagiarism. If you notice, the person has not copied randomly from diff blogs. He has used 3-4 blogs only. And made sure people know it is copied material (he is not hiding the fact). Looks to me like a hate crime more than "copying because I have no good camera".

Preeti Kashyap said...

but guess what, what ever the reason may be, it is not correct! We all are there with you.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Preeti. Your words consoles me very much dear.

Unknown said...

Lovely round up, so many veggie side dishes to try out.