Friday, December 11, 2009

Ice cream Cake

In my home town there is a very beautiful ice cream parlor called 'Arasan ice cream'. It is famous for its Ice cream , chocolate cakes, falooda, Ice-cream cakes and desserts. The interiors are so cool and creative. No need to say it is always crowded by youngsters and couples. It is my most favorite spot even now and we have tasted almost all the varieties there:)
Whenever I talk about those lovely days, hubby has always expressed his craving for this icecream cake. So I planned to do it for our Thanks giving party (2009).

I could not get a complete procedure through internet. I coined my own version and had some challenges like the melting ice cream and timing sense etc:) But I managed to get a perfect one and we finally got our native style ice cream cake.

Icecream cakes can be made in two ways. One by crushing the cookies and pressing them to form a cake and top it with ice cream . The next method is to bake a cake and freeze it with ice cream

Mine belongs to the second variety.

I always prefer to incorporate some store bought goodies to reduce my cooking time. So if you are looking for one from scratch , then you need to research more. But I am sure this recipe won't disappoint you . Here is the ice cream cake and get ready to surprise your guests with this delicious cake.

Ice cream cake:

Ice cream cake served:

(Pardon me for my unprofessional icing)

You may need:

Ice cream (French vanilla flavor) - 1 liter.
A cake mix (white cake mix) - 1 packet
(I used Betty crocker super moist white cake mix )
Cake frosting mix - 15 oz tin
(I used Pillsburry funfetti frosting mix)
A fruit jam - 1 cup
(I made my own strawberry preserve)
A flat plate
Sharp knife.

To prepare strawberry spread:
Strawberry - 10
Sugar - 1/4 cup

Chop the strawberry and cook it with 2 tbsp water and sugar till it gets a preserve like consistency.
Cool and store it in refrigerator.
(We can use a store bought preserve also).

Cake frosting Method:
Bake two square shape cakes from the above said cake mix, as per instructions in your box.

Cool them completely. Keep them in refrigerator overnight for better cooling effect.

Level the cake with a sharp knife by removing the dark surface.

Slice each cake into two , so that we can stack up the icecream, frosting and strawberry preserve as layers.

Now place one slice of the cake on a flat plate. Spread the cake frosting mix.

Take out the ice cream from freezer and spread 3 scoops over the frosting mix.
Immediately keep the ice cream inside freezer.

Place another slice of cake over it. Spread the Strawberry jam we made uniformly.

Place another slice of cake over the strawberry spread.
Now spread the frosting mix and ice cream above this slice.

Finish all the above procedure within three minutes. This is very very important.

Immediately place the next slice above it and keep in freezer for nearly an hour.

Then take it again do cover the top of the cake completely with cream frosting mixture.
Again let it cool for another 15 minutes inside the freezer.

Now take out the cake and icecream , carefully cover the whole cake with ice cream....starting from the bottom sides.

If you feel it is melting then cool it inside freezer for 10 minutes and finish it.

After 5 hours sprinke the sugar balls or decorate as per the need.

Ice cream cake is ready!


This procedure may seem very difficult. But if you imagine layering a sandwich then it will be an easy breeze.

Always keep the ice cream in side the fridge before we start decorating the cake.
During frosting process, for every 3 minutes outside keep the cake and icecream inside the freezer for 10 minutes and continue decoration. Otherwise everything will melt down and we may need to recreate.

Sending this Ice cream cake for Saraswathy Iyer's cakes n cookies event.
Saraswathy has completed 3 years in blogging and celebrating an anniversary through this beautiful event.
Congrats saraswathy!Your blog really rocks! You have so many unique recipes and I love them very much. Your delicious wheat dosa has helped me much in the diet plan.
Thanks and happy hosting dear!

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Sarah Naveen said...

Oh my!!!! ice cram cake looks fabulous dea..!!!
All yummy entries..

Priya Suresh said...

Ice cream cake looks fantastic, feel like finishing that delicious slice..

Siddhi Shirsat said...

hey viki...yummy n tempting ice cream cake...i love it...urs luk sooooooo yummy...i vl try this

Sailaja Damodaran said...

Mouthwatering.....Happy X'Mas

Lavanya Siva said...

ice cream cake..........hmmmmmmm no doubt it would have tasted great. Wish you a merry christmas

Anonymous said...

ice cream cake looks yummy.

prasu said...

ice cream cake looks delicious dear.......all other entries are droolworthy....keep rocking.

Sushma Mallya said...

Such a unique cake,and great idea viki...looks so so delicious

Tina said...

Fabulous and delicious ice cream cake......

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Viki
Reading your description is a treat by itself, food follows later. This is some thing very new for me. I remember once I was shocked initially when a friend treated me to hot ice cream pakodas in a chenai shop..
Hey by the way what do you mean by " I Coined my own version ,,?" Thats not on , say : "I engineered my own version and made it too" :-)
Have a nice weekend

Unknown said...

You made me go craving for arasan sweets now! Cake looks awesome!

Nandinis food said...

It's been days since I ate cake! I want it right now! Why do you consider your own icing unprofessional? It doesn't matter and it depends on how busy you are! Cake is tasty and yummy! :)

Padhu Sankar said...

Fantastic!ice cream cake! All your entries look lovely.

Jaleela Kamal said...

rompa arumai viki, super.

ippavee saappidanum pool irukku

tamil typing keeddiingkalee.

ithil pooy tanglish type paNNaa varum.


ithil practice paNNi koLLalaam.

Simi Tresa Antony said...

Great idea...Nice cake with ice cream layer...yummmmyyy

Soma Pradhan said...

This is indeed very very lovely..thanks for sharing such amazing recipes

Unknown said...

cake looks awesome ..yummy recipe..and I remember arasan icecream..we used to visit this place when we visited tirunelveli duirng our school vactions..great place..

Jaleela Kamal said...

Pls collect award from my blog

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thank you friends:)
Jaleela:Thanks for the award Jaleela. I feel so proud to get an award from a great person like you. I will make a post on sharing my joy soon.
Ushnish: he he... mostly I engineer my dishes , so that i wont waste them...trial and error to find the right proportion just like the KMON4 titration.
Sowmya, Divya: Thanks dearies. How can I forget our Tnvly! Every day I have something to remember about our lovely place:)

Gita Jaishankar said...

Wow Viki dear...your cake looks absolutely tempting and yummy...I guess its worth to go through all the trouble...I am sure your hubby must have loved this cake

Yasmeen said...

what a lovely ice cream cake,I made ice cream cup cakes once,I like the simple flavors of this cake :D

Aruna Manikandan said...

Hi Viki,

Cake looks really very icy...
Love your cakes and all the other entries...
Everything looks delicious and yummy

Mythreyi Dilip said...

Hi Viki, How are u da?
Ice cream cake yum yum yum.........
I loved the other entries too!
Hope u invite me for the Christmas party:)

Malar Gandhi said...

Ice cream cake looks delicious...had them when I was in 7th and 8th grade...nostalgic memories.

You have done a good job, to bring up this recipe.:)

Shama Nagarajan said...

awesome cake dear...nice picture

gtyuk said...

Viki, I'm drooling over that piece, don't want to tak my eyes off it !!

I have never tasted ice cream cakes, sounds absolutely enticing!!!

that's a gorgeous treat for the thanksgiving !! love your other posts too, especially the butter biscuits!!!

Saraswathi Iyer said...

Dear Viki Thank you for the lovely entries. The cakes looks perfect n yummy. Nice to know wheat dosa helps in your diet.
The new look of the blog is great.
Advance Christmas wishes to you n your family.

Rina said...

Looks yum Viki...and luv all the other holiday treats too..

Sarah Naveen said...

cool new look viki..

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my kitchen said...

Ice cream cake sounds good,Want to taste,

Anupama said...

This is so amazing Viki... yummy yummy yummy...

Parita said...

Quite lengthy and time consuming procedure, needless to say you did it perfect!!