Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vazhaikkai bajji

Other names: Banana fritters, raw plantain bajji, valaikkai bajji.

'Vazhaikkai bajji prepared in bulk and placed in that glass covered shelves' is a regular scene in any tea shop in Tamilnadu and Kerala. There was/is a shop near my dad's house which sells these flavorful bajjis and mom would send someone to get them for any unexpected guests. But this is a very simple snack and she would prefer to make it at home most of the time. Mom used to prepare these bajjis with great care, so that the plantain pieces are sliced with some green-skin on. She used to add some dosa batter to the bajji batter as per her sister's suggestion:)This is my most favorite fried item and She was so caring enough to prepare this for me on the eve of my holidays. Bajjis bring me those loving memories always. I like it with chilly-garlic ketchup at that time. But nowadays I make it with coconut chutney for hubby. See, how our taste changes after marriage:)

Traditionally they dry-grind 1 kg of besan flour with 1/4 kg raw rice, 200 gms of dry red chilly, asafoetida,  in the mill and store as bajji mavu. Whenever needed this flour can be used to make bajji and pakoda.
Nattu vazhaikkai (Indian plantain).

Indian green banana (small variety)- 2
Besan flour (kadalai mavu) - 3/4 cup
dosa batter - 1/4 cup
(or) rice flour - 2 tbsp
salt - to taste
red chilly powder - 1 tbsp
hing (asafoetida)- 1/8 tsp
baking soda - 1/10 tsp
garlic - 2 pieces (finely ground)
red food color - a pinch (optional)
oil - to deep fry

Always use nattu vazhaikkai for making this bajji. Nattu vazhakkai are available in Indian grocery shops and they are sold in bunches.
Wash the banana, remove the stem and tip. Scratch and peel the skin mildly by keeping some thick green skin on. That will give a good flavor to bajji.
Slice it into thin (long) pieces.

Mix all the above with 1/4 cup water to a thick batter. Add more water if needed, but keep the batter like idly batter ,otherwise the bajjis will drink lot of oil:)
Heat oil in a wok.

Dip the banana slices in the batter and put it on the hot oil. Flip and fry both sides. Drain oil and take out.

Vazhakkai bajji is ready!

Serving suggestions:
Serve hot as snack along with piping hot coffee or tea. Coconut chutney or tomato sauce is a best side dish for this vazhaikkai bajji.


Unknown said...

My favorite kinda bajji. Perfect with some tea!

Unknown said...

Hey Vikki,

One of my favorite snack...:)


Nandinis food said...

Wow! It's a very perfect snack! It's very delicious!

sathya said...

Love vazhaikkai bajji, one mo my fav snack back home !

chef and her kitchen said...

I m craving for some now...looks super delicious

Priya Suresh said...

Feel like grabbing,my fav bajji..

indianspicemagic said...

Like to have this with tea...

Hamaree Rasoi said...

this is new kind of snack to me....Sounds interesting

Hamaree Rasoi

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Suja Manoj said...

Perfect favorite tea time snack.

Swathi said...

It has been long time, I ate vazhaikkai bajii. I wish to have them with my tea.

San said...

Iam craving for those bajji .Perfect outcome .

aipi said...

I would like one, please! Or maybe two! These are delicious!

US Masala

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

looks perfect!

Sushma Mallya said...

nice snack..

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