Monday, April 22, 2013

Fruit and nut kulfi ice cream

Ice cream topped with jelly.

update: Fruit and nut kulfi ice cream I made for hubby's office party,  June 5 ,2013
(for a Large party tray) You can do 1/4 of this recipe for a 4 member family.

To soak and grind:
Almond - 20
cashew -20
cardamom seeds - 2 tsp
saffron - 3 strands

Other ingredients:
Almond - 10
cashew -10
pistachio - 10
Tooti frooti (dry fruits) - 1/2 cup
raisin - 1/2 cup
Sweetened Condensed Milk - 14 oz 2 cans (400 gm each)
fat free Whipped Topping 8 oz (225 gm) - 5 packs
sugar - 3/4 cup
milk - 1 cup
(prepare sugar solution, by bringing to boil 1/4 cup water and this sugar. Let cool completely)

Powder the cardamom. keep aside.
Soak the almonds overnight (or)Put it in boiling water, wait till it wrinkle, peel .
Grind immediately to a coarse paste along with milk , saffron and cardamom (elachi).
In a wok dry roast the almond, cashew, pista and chop it to very small pieces. Let it cool completely. Keep aside.
Buy the tooti fruiti pack from Indian store or use candied dry fruits like pineapple, pear etc.

The whipped topping should be kept in refrigerator till we start using.
In a mixing bowl add the almond paste, sugar solution and Condensed milk . Mix well.
Then blend in the raisin and dry fruits. (keep the chopped nuts for decoration).
Now add the whipped topping and mix gently (too much mixing will make the ice cream hard).
Immediately transfer them to a freezer-safe lidded container.
Cover and freeze for 8 hours - overnight.
After the ice cream is completely frozen, then garnish it with sliced roasted nuts.
Tooti fruity kulfi  ice cream is ready!

Always use dry fruits that won't get hard or chewy in this ice cream.
I suggest using tooti frooti from any Indian grocery shop. (I don't know the exact spelling of tooti fruity, so giving a lot of variations....LOL)
Click to see, how I make my own tooti fruity.
Little raisin and finely chopped dates can also be used. Top with any jelly of your choice and serve.


I made this nuts kulfi ice cream for Hubby's office party May  28, 2015.


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Looks Yummm!

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looks tempting n delicious!!

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Delicious and inviting looking ice cream. Wonderfully prepared.

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wow, pass me here , u made me drool :)

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Yummy and perfect for the season Viki.

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looks seriously yumm... love the flavors...

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This looks delicious and fabulous.. Lovely click.. I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog..

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Just wow, rich looking super nutty icecream, if i make i wont stop myself enjoying this delicious icecream.

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Rich in flavour and nuts. Superb ice cream dear.

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Love this ice cream.. Looks super yummy!

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Love ur ice cream with fruits and nuts!

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Perfect for the summer.

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