Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence day !

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Fruits for July 4 th, Happy Independence day !
We have planned to celebrate our July 4 th weekend in and around our city as hubby has some work, calls and schedules to meet. But he wants to make the holidays happy for us by taking me to my favorite places around.I have made some beetroot halwa for him as a surprise dessert, though I wanted to stick with healthy choices more:) To begin with, on July 3 rd (yesterday night) hubby took me to Apple-bee's restaurant (our favorite place) . The serving portions are very generous there and so we ordered one platter of appetizer, main course and dessert, so that we could share. We had onion rings,diet Pepsi, 4 cheese grille sandwich,Tomato basil soup, Apple Chimicheesecake with ice cream. The people there were partying for July 4 th and we could see the happy faces awaiting to celebrate the Independence day. we enjoyed the atmosphere very much:) Hoping to tell you all more :) Happy Independence day!

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