Thursday, March 22, 2018


My dad is my hero forever.  Sometimes I don't get enough words to describe his love for me and my mom and  brothers. His love for coffee is my most joyful memory. The last month I spent with him was really a gift of God for me. He loved me so unconditionally that he didn't even want to make me travel to see him for the last. Still he made everyday with him memorable and happy for me. He was a person , who wouldn't even criticize anyone , not even those who used to hate him, or not even a movie. He wouldn't even say bad things about a movie we watch, as he would tell me to respect the work of the artists in that movie (those words always surprises me , how can a person love everything?)  .He was a man who was misunderstood by some, because he used to protect his family as much as possible , just like any other real dad in this world.   He lived a selfless life, filled with love for family. dedication towards work, care for friends and for all who come near him. I was always exclaimed at his dedication towards his clients and sometimes he would consider them as his own brothers and sisters and children, which I had not seen much in many . Amma and appa were a very happy loving couple and he just lived for us only after her. He loved amma very much .  He was a rational thinker, a  very practical man. He was an atheist, but still loved all religions. He would never argue about religions or would never treat anyone partially because of social status or for anything. But he would go to temples for us and would mingle with other religious priests and would give donations to all religious institutions. I am sure God loves him very much and give him peace.