Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baked salted peanut

Baking the peanuts , instead of dry roasting in stove top is a very easy way to make large batches.  I make this often and so thought of writing it down.
Salted oven roasted peanuts: Nescafe bottle for hubby's snack time in office and another container for us at home:)

Baking / oven roasting the peanut.

Peanut - 2 cups (coffee mug full)
salt - 1/2 tsp
water - 1 tbsp

Choose good quality peanuts. Oily ones are bigger in size and the tasty ones are comparatively smaller in size. I use medium size or small peanuts. (Oily peanuts are good for making boiled peanuts for salads by pressure cooking . In that method we can discard the oil by removing the cooked water).

Preheat oven to 350 deg F for 5 minutes. Put the peanut in a mixing bowl. Sprinkle the water and salt and mix well with hand. Spread it over a baking sheet and bake for 12 minutes.

Check by crushing one peanut with hand. The skin should come off immediately .The peanut may seem uncooked a little, but it will continue cooking in room temperature also.  In this stage switch off and let the peanut remain in tray till it gets cool. I open the oven and let the tray inside oven for 5 more minutes.

If needed, remove the skin of groundnut by rubbing it with hand gently and blowing the chaff off. Store in airtight containers.

Serving suggestion:
Serve as  snack.
Used in making coconut chutney.

If dry roasting the peanut in stove top....then follow the same method and dry roast it in a wide wok , till the chaff comes off easily.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tamilnadu Easter special menu

Preparing  homemade dessert or spicy snack would make any festival more happier. That too sticking to our traditional food is everyone's wish.
Here are some Easter specials that are popular in Tamilnadu. I thought it would be nice to note down a few suggestions on festive menu for my readers. So gathering a few of my best recipes here.
Here is my visual treat to you all :)

Idli with goat leg paya kulambu.
Idli , sambar, chutney - A festival breakfast.


White aappam (my easy method using rice flour) - Easter special.
Rava kesari
Rava kesari...breakfast dessert
Chicken 65
Chicken 65....make all preparations on the previous night and just do the frying part on special days.

Easy chicken biriyani (in cooker)
Chicken biriyani with onion raitha and egg
Paruppu payasam:

Paal payasam (semiya , javvarisi) kheer:
Easy and delicious dessert.

Simple lime juice;

Plain sweet lime juice for mid-morning or afternoon.

Ulunthu vadai:
urid dal vadai for evening snack.
Masal vadai:
paruppu vadai.

Make some murukku ahead of the festival day to give a nice snack with evening coffee.

Athirasam :  Indian rice doughnut

Though it may take three days to get the dough ready, this snack is one of the easiest to prepare. This athirasam is my mother in law's recipe and I am glad that I learned it from her.
Munthiri kothu:
Sweet snack:  munthiri kothu .

Sukiyan / susiyam:
Traditional sweet in Tirunelveli.
Getting prepared for the festivals needs a little planning ahead. So remember to make a list of the items we are going to prepare and things to do on that day.
Make a grocery list and buy accordingly.
If planning for easy desserts like kheer, then make ahead and keep refrigerated.
Vada batter can be made 2 - 3 days ahead and kept in fridge.
If preparing snacks like susiyam, then make the sweet balls one day ahead and keep in fridge. we can fry it on festival morning.
Keep the cooking for the day easy, by earlier preparation and enjoy the day:)
If you are a beginner to cooking, then just focus on one specialty like breakfast or snack or lunch and make it grand to see your loved ones happy. Try a few and enjoy!
Get up early and enjoy the day thoroughly with your loved ones....that is more important:)

Wishing all a very happy Easter,
Viki Xavier

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