Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's day !

Happy Valentine's Day all !
This year I prepared Badusha (Balushahi) , an Indian sweet for my hubby dear as a Valentine's day gift. This is his most favorite sweet. Every time I ask him what he wishes as a special sweet and he says the same 'BADHUSHA' ....So I make it again and again ...LOL :)
This recipe takes only an hour from start to finish. I like this sweet ,as  it is easy to make. It was not my favorite sweet until marriage or until I started preparing it at home for Xavier. The badushas I ate in most of the sweet stalls tasted like a fried dough soaked in sugar. 
But if you make it at home you will change that opinion about this sweet. If we are making it at home, we will add real butter / ghee and it would be served fresh. I think that is the difference.
So these homemade badusha will make you fall in love with this sweet again!
Click to see my badusha recipe.
Badusha I made for my hubby dear


Lunch in Bridgewater mall pizzeria.

Photo courtesy: thanks to the author

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