Monday, December 29, 2008

Wheat Halwa

While talking about wheat halwa , many will not be aware of its varieties.
There are two kinds of wheat halwa.
One made in a glossy form called Tirunelveli halwa and the other an opaque one.
The glossy Tirunelveli Halwa requires samba wheat (a red color wheat), more soaking time and a lot of ghee.
I did not plan in advance to make an halwa , so I could not make a Tirunelveli halwa. Instead I prepared the ordinary wheat halwa that can be seen in any other part of India.


Ordinary Whole wheat (wheat grains) - 1 lb
Sugar - 4 cups
lemon - 1/2
Cardamom - 4 nos
Ghee + oil - 1 cup
Red food-color - 1 pinch
Cashew - 1/2 cup chopped (garnishing)


Wash and soak the wheat for 12 hours. (overnight)
Next morning grind it in a blender by adding 1 cup of water. Spread a muslin cloth over a sieve and Strain repeatedly to get milk.
Grind again with some water and strain again till we end up with the husk.
Let it stand undisturbed for 6 hours. Thick milk gets settled at the bottom.
Take the clear lean milk above . Use both milks and discard the sediment.
Add lime juice, sugar, red color (not necessary) and mix well with the wheat milk.
Pour it in to a thick bottomed pan and heat till the liquid starts to solidify.
Then reduce flame and keep stirring continuously.
Add the ghee+ oil when the halwa starts thickening. Add the cardamom powder. Mix well.
Cook till you can roll the halwa into a ball with your fingers.
Add chopped cashews along with the hot halwa and switch off flame.
Spread on a greased plate and allow to cool .Then cut it into desired shape.

Wheat halwa is ready !

Wheat halwa goes to celebrate the Christmas feast event with Purva.

I would like to thank my friend Varsha for passing me this cute award.

Thank you Varsha!
I pass this award to my friends below.

Premy's cakes

Akal's saapadu

Usha Nandhini




Premyscakes said...

Halwa looks great and mouth watering.
Wish u a very happy new year to@

Cham said...

Looks pretty delicious ur halwa

Raks said...

Happy New Year to you Viki!
Halwa Looks so good:)
Adutha varudam sandhipoam:)

Purva Desai said...

We call it Wheat sheera, looks rich and delicious....I just love the aroma of this halwa

Wishing you and ur family Happy and Prosperous New Year

gtyuk said...

Hello Viki,

First of all Congratulations for this award. You really deserve it no, I mean your wheat halwa....hhehehe; It looks so yummy and shiny ( I can nearly smell the ghee from here...)

And thank you so much for sharing your award with me and the others, you have a big heart! I'm sure there's a nice person behind this "Viki's Kitchen". Keep it up!

Shama Nagarajan said...

lovely halwa.......happy new year

Malar Gandhi said...

Halwa looks great, it does look glossy to me....I use sago' powder to promote glossy-ness.....yeah yeah to cut short my ghee...

Nandinis food said...

Wheat Halwa looks great. I will try this for new year.
Thanks for passing the award.

sriharivatsan said...

First time to your blog. Mouth watering halwa..

Wish you a very happy new year..

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