Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kambu puttu

Kambu - pearl millet, bajra ; puttu - steam cooked food.

 Kambu is a native cereal of India. It can be grown in any soil with minimal care and believed to be one of the few existing ancient crops. No wonder it was one of the major crops before green revolution, but changes in culture has brought newer grains.
Preparing porridge (kool / koozh) using kambu is a common breakfast in South Indian villages. I prepare many dishes with kambu like kambu dosai, kolukkattai, urundai etc. Kambu has a very nice flavor when roasted. Recently I prepared puttu with kambu and it tasted many folds yummier.  Here is  a virtual treat to your eyes...Enjoy!

Kambu puttu
Ingredients:  (for 2 people)
whole pearl millet  (bajra/Kambu) - 3/4 cup
shredded coconut - 3 tbsp
salt - pinch

Sort the millet and remove any stones or sticks (nowadays they are stone-free).
Dry roast the kambu till it turns mild red and starts smelling nice At this stage it will start popping.
Now switch off and pour enough water. Wash the millet very well (thrice).
Keep it soaked for 10 to 30  minutes.

In the meantime prepare the puttu kuzhal or steaming vessel. Bring the water in bottom vessel to a boil. Click to see my rice kuzha puttu recipe for detailed instructions with photo.

Grind the kambu with pinch of salt, shredded coconut in a mixie to a 'medium coarse to fine' powder. Don't add water while powdering the kambu. Just pulse in intervals and it will be easily done.
Put it in puttu kuzhal and steam cook for 10 minutes after steam comes through the top holes.
We can make puttu in idly plates also. If need to prepare in a big batch,  tie the prepared kambu flour in a thin cloth and steam cook over an idly stand. We can feel the nice flavor filling the whole kitchen when it is completely cooked.

Puttu gets easily cooked than making a kambu choru (cooking like rice).

kambu puttu is ready!

Serving suggestions:
serve with powdered jaggery or white sugar or brown sugar and more shredded coconut.
It can also be served with green gram sundal.
Kadalai curry also makes a good accompaniment.


Neela Rufus said...

Looks yummy...and healthy too!!!
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divya said...

looks yummy....

Tamilarasi Sasikumar said...

Healthy yummy puttu...

Suja Manoj said...

Healthy puttu,perfect breakfast.

Premalatha Aravindhan said...

wow healthy puttu,loved it a lot:)

Priya said...

Such a healthy and nutritious puttu,will make some soon.

sorna lakshmi said...

Hello v can use kambu flour for making puttu

Vikis Kitchen said...

Sorna Lakshmi: Yes, we can make puttu using kambu flour. But the store-bought flours are always very fine. So I would prefer mixing it with some rice puttu flour. Then do as if for rice puttu. Let me know, if you get it delicious. Thanks for visiting!