Thursday, May 9, 2013

Homemade corn tortilla

Homemade tortillas are more easier to prepare if we know how to make chapati. Texture of corn is more or less similar to rice flour. So it may tend to stick to the rolling board. I keep a wax paper or plastic sheet over the rolling board, sprinkle some flour and start rolling. It peels off easily and can be cooked over any tawa or flat pan.
Anyone who tastes fresh corn tortillas will definitely have a hesitation before going for a ready made tortilla  from the grocery store.  I prefer corn tortillas than flour tortillas, as corn smells really really very good while cooking:) Homemade tortillas are incredibly lesser expensive, amazingly flavorful, soft like a cotton and no words to explain how much I love to make them at home:)

Basic corn flour from ALDI, Price: 4.4 lb / 2kg  corn flour costs $ 2.

Making corn tortilla with chapati rolling pin.

We can make cut off  perfect round tortillas using any round shaped lid.

Fresh Corn tortillas made at home.

We can refrigerate the left over tortillas...and  note down the date:)

Corn flour - 2 1/2 cup
AP flour - 2 tbsp
sea salt - 1/2 tsp
water - 2 1/2 cups
oil - 2 tsp + 2 tbsp
corn flour - 1/2 cup (for dusting)

Other items needed:
Chapati rolling pin, chapati rolling board, (or) tortilla making press.
plastic sheet or wax paper - few squares

Put corn flour, AP flour, salt in a wide mixing bowl.
(I like to add some AP flour  as it helps in easy rolling of tortilla, but I don't think it is traditional).
Mix slightly. Boil the water. Add water little by little till the flour can be kneaded.
Mix well so that it rolls into a smooth ball (e.g., pizza dough or chapati dough).
Apply 2 tsp  oil and knead again to a soft ball.
Divide it into 20 lemon size balls.
spread the plastic sheet / wax paper over the rolling board.
Sprinkle some corn flour and keep one ball.
Again dust some more corn flour and start rolling it to a thin circle.
Don't bother about the serrated edges, when can make it a smooth round by pressing a sharp lid on it.
In the mean time start heating a tawa / pan.
Apply few drops of oil using a brush / flat wooden tool we use for applying oil to dosa.
Peel off the tortilla and put it on hot tawa.
Cook for 30 seconds , flip , cook again for 30 seconds and if needed cook more time till we see mild brown dots appearing on the tortilla.
Take the tortilla and store in airtight container to maintain the softness.
Wipe off the pan and again apply oil and repeat the same procedure to make all the tortillas.
Home made tortilla is ready!

Corn tortillas can be used in making endless dishes like wraps, enchilada, tortilla chips etc.
The left over can be stored air tight and kept refrigerated for a week.
Before using the refrigerated tortillas, reheat them one by one on a hot pan.

Makes 20 corn tortillas (6 inch dia).
Time taken :  45 minutes .... from start to finish.


Sebeena Loyd said...

homemade tortillas.....good one.

CHITRA said...

wow, i wanted to try tortilla for long time. thnk u so much for sharing. Is it OK to use wheat flour instead of corn .. I don't get corn starch here..

Vikis Kitchen said...

Yes Chitra, Whole wheat tortillas are also delicious and popular. Corn starch should not be used for tortilla. But corn flour is used for this recipe. I would like to suggest you buy some dried corn (cholam) from a grocery store and you can sundry it and make it a powder / flour just like our wheat flour from whole wheat. I have not tried this, but my suggestion. Because you will love this corn smell more than wheat. Thanks,

Vikis Kitchen said...

Chitra: You can inquire a nearby dry grinding flour mill, if they can make this corn flour from makka cholam (yellow corn).

Nabanita Das said...

This is really one useful idea Viki. Thanks for sharing...