Monday, September 9, 2013

Mother Mary's Birthday

Yesterday (Sept 8 ) we celebrated Mother Mary's Birthday in our house. Here is the picture of the cake I made for Her.
Happy Birthday Mother Mary !
It was a busy Sunday, with  church ,  grocery shopping, phone calls and cooking.I baked and saved this cake before the weekend and prepared the icings on Saturday.  Hubby dear helped me do the icing for this cake. I love the way he did the base icing and scallop icing (blue) and two roses,:)
Hope you all like it too !


Babitha costa said...

lovely cake,wishes for the you and we shall pray for Her guideness

Angelljoe said...

Hello my dear...Mother Mary will surely answer this daughter's and her family's prayers - she will be saying her thanks for the cake in her own way. Well here in Ipoh, Malaysia, we cocelebrated Mother's birthday celebrating together the Feast Our Lady of Velankanni in the Chapel (Indian Community) near my house. We had novena prayers, followed by Mass, Veneration & Benediction...after which we had a fellowship dinner - Indian food. It was yummy!

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Babitha.

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Angelljoe. Very happy to know about your celebration on Mother Mary's Birthday in Malaysia. It is very exciting to celebrate our Mom's Birthday all over the world....I absolutely love this tradition !

Babi, Angel: May God Bless you and your families also.

Lizy Solanki said...

lovely cake Viki. never heard before that Catholics celerate Mother Mary's b'day. I myself am a Protestant Christian so it's good to know your side of facts.