Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mixed veggie chicken soup

As the weather gets chiller and chiller my craving for hot soups will soar incredibly. Even though I like to make fresh soups,  I keep in hand some cans of soup as backup also. On the other day I had a couple of cream style corn soup cans and knorr chicken cubes.  I wanted to infuse them in my regular soup and here is a comforting soup for you all from my kitchen!

Vegetable soup with corn, chicken and rice.

cream style sweet corn soup - 1 can
chicken soup cubes -1
chicken thigh with bone - 1 (optional)
frozen peas - 1/2 cup
carrot - 1
green beans - 10
basmati rice - 2 tbsp
barley - 1 tbsp
Bring to boil 2 cups of water. Rinse rice , barley and add to the boiling water. If using fresh chicken piece, then chop it into small pieces and add now.  Let it be cooking in stove-top. In the meantime chop the carrot,  beans and add to the rice, barley. Also add the frozen peas and cook them all till tender. It will take nearly 30 minutes to cook.  We can pressure cook too...but I do in stovetop.  In the same time prepare the below in a separate vessel.

For tempering:
Shallot - 3
garlic - 4 cloves
cinnamon - 1 tiny bit
bay leaf - 1
tomato - 2
Jalapeno - 1
butter - 2 tbsp

While the above soup is getting cooked, in a separate vessel melt 2 tbsp butter. Add shallot, cinnamon, bay leaves and saute till onion gets soft. Then add the crushed garlic and saute for few seconds. Then add finely chopped tomato, jalapeno and cook till tomato gets mushy. Now add this to the cooked vegetables soup, can of sweet corn soup, chicken stock cube, salt. Sim and cook till everything gets very soft.

Ginger - 2 inch
cilantro - few leaves
Grind the ginger and extract juice. Add this to the soup and bring to a boil. Garnish with freshly chopped cilantro.Switch off.
Mixed vegetable chicken soup is ready !

Serving suggestion:
Serve with warm bread.
If needed add black pepper powder while serving.


divya said...

very healthy n tempting soup...

Rafeeda AR said...

perfect for the cold weather out here... looks so yum...