Monday, July 14, 2014

Ginger lemon juice

Here is  a very unique lemon juice I learned from my mom (handed down through generations),  which can make any one feel better immediately during summer. I am not sure of all the scientific details behind this , but I am sure this will give a lot of energy. Hubby likes this juice very much and I make this often during summer. This became my brother inlaw's favorite too and I was surprised to hear him remembering and asking for this simple juice when they visited us after many years. Also I was very glad to see our little niece Nissi enjoying this juice:) Even before seeing me, she was saying over phone that 'Periyamma (aunt) ,I am eager to see you '... I don't know how she started liking me even without seeing and also her surprising affection as soon as she met me made me very happy. She spent every moment with me when she was here with us and enjoyed whatever I cooked and fed her with smile . She climbed on the kitchen counter and sat to learn/ help with my kulfi ice cream recipe too:) .  I have never met anyone like her in that age with such an enthusiasm:)  Isn't it the crowing moment for a lady like me:) So I am happily noting down the recipe for her.

Ginger lemon juice

Lemon - 1
jaggery (Indian brown sugar) - 3/4 cup (as per taste)
coriander seed - handful
ginger - finger long
water - 5 cups

Warm 2 cups of water and dissolve the jaggery. No need to filter, as we will be serving the clear top layer only.
Peel the ginger and chop it.
Grind together whole coriander seeds and ginger using some water. Extract the juice from using a filter. Take out all the juice from coriander seed by filtering twice or thrice using 2 more cups of water.
Take this juice along with jaggery solution. Keep refrigerated or in room temperature up to 2 hours only (I prefer serving immediately in room temperature).
After 10 minutes we will see some sediments in the bottom....discard this bottom layer.
Before serving, squeeze the juice of one whole lemon mix well and adjust jaggery and lemon to taste.
Ginger lemon juice is ready!
Serving suggestions:
Makes a refreshing drink during summer.


Unknown said...

Flavorful and refreshing juice!!

Sooriya said...

We love ginger in juices always. I make similarly with honey n served warm for cold n cough