Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to make coconut milk ?

Making our own fresh coconut milk at home gives much satisfaction than any other version. It creates a good nostalgia for anyone like me who has enjoyed watching their mothers extracting this flavorful milk on a Sunday morning , while cooking the appam on a pan. But somehow I was always for readymade coconut milks.  For many years I have been using a can of coconut milk or coconut milk powder, until I brought my super extractor mixie jar from India. Without knowing the importance of a juicer, some years ago, I had brought only the other jars while we came to USA for the first time and this juicer jar was in our house for  a long time :). Though  I agree that I love the convenience of  readymade milks, I made 2 cups of fresh coconut milk last weekend to serve along with Kerala appam. Hubby dear appreciated this fresh coconut milk with every piece of the appam I made. I was running from kitchen to dining table to meet his appam requirements :) and now I am very sure we will be having fresh coconut milk and appam most of our weekends:).
I am sure most of my blog friends are experts in preparing everything from scratch, but I am just sharing my joy about my coconut milk :) Hope you all like it !
Homemade coconut milk

extracting coconut milk using Super extractor jar.

Coconut milk served with aappam

Sliced coconut - 1 1/2 cup
(or) shredded coconut - 1 cup
warm water - 2 cups

Method 1:
Grind the sliced coconut in a mixer. Add 1/2 cup warm water and squeeze out the milk. Filter it. This is the thick milk , which is used in many gravies.
After that grind again and extract milk just like the above three time. Combine all the milks together or keep the thick and thin milks separate as per need.
If using a  juicer / super extractor jar from Preethi Mixie, then follow the above directions and there will not be any need of strainer. We can pour out the coconut milk straightly out of the jar.
(I used sliced frozen coconut, which I bought from Indian grocery shop, but fresh coconuts would be excellent).

Method 2:
If using shredded coconut: Then add 1/2 cup warm water to the shredded coconut and squeeze the first thick milk using our hands and filter. Then in the same way extract milk thrice.

Uses of coconut milk:
The extracted milk can stay good for at least 3 days in fridge.
Coconut milk can be served with appam, idiyappam.
To thicken curries and gravies in Indian cuisine.
To make biriyani, pulav, coconut milk rice and various rice varieties.
Used in making some kind of kheer like paal kozhukattai.


Shobha Kamath said...

Very informative post!

jrakesh said...

hello, nice coconut milk recipie, however how dry is the pulp out of the juicer extractor? have you tried any other nut milks like almond or soy?

Vikis Kitchen said...

Hi Rakesh, The pulp residue was almost dry, as this mixie extracts almost all the coconut milk. I find this way more easier than any other process. But I have not tried almond or other nut milks. But I am very sure that it will do the same. Thanks.