Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Chocolate dipped strawberry (microwave method)

I guess chocolate dipped strawberry has become the official dessert of Valentine's day :) There are a lot of ads in TV and newspapers globally to promote rose and strawberries and I am sure it is worth the penny to celebrate this beautiful day which is common to all.
There are many traditional (aka lengthy) processes for preparing chocolate dipping. So buying a pack of chocolate berries is the easiest choice. Then I came to know of this microwave chocolate melting method through food network and it works like a charm. I am sure this easy dessert will make your valentine happy :)

white and brown choco chips with strawberry.

Chocolate starting to melt.

molten chocolate.

Before keeping in fridge
My friends Suchi and Paaru are decorating the strawberries for our little party.

Our lunch get together.  Bisibelebath, enchilada, pizza, chocolate strawberry .

Have a close look.

Strawberry - 15
Any variety chocolate - 1 cup (chopped or chips or morsels)
(I have used semi sweet brown chocolates and white chocolates)

Choose small size strawberries with heart shape. They should be well ripe and firm.
If washing the strawberry, then do it previous night and let it dry completely.
Wipe off the water completely before dipping in chocolate, because chocolate will not stick with the fruit, if there is moisture. (This is very very important).

Take the white chocolate and regular chocolate in different microwavable bowls.
One by one keep the bowls in microwave and do as below.
Start reheating for 30 seconds at first. Then take out, check if they starts melting.
Though they may seem like not melting, but they will do after few seconds in outside.
Then again reheat (express cook) for 20 seconds .
Now the chocolates would have started melting visibly now.
Using a fork, try to mash the chocolates.
Then again reheat for 10 seconds and repeat by 10 seconds one or two times.
Chocolates may tend to char, due to overheating. So carefully check every 10 seconds.
I got my semi sweet chocolate done after 1 minute 20 seconds and white chocolate took nearly 1 minute 30 seconds.
In a clean plate, spread a wax paper.
Now hold the calyx (leaves) of strawberry gently and roll over the chocolate, so that it is half dipped.
Place the strawberries on plate and keep refrigerated for 30 minutes.
Take out and decorate with white chocolate or any other icings using a fork or icing cones. Keep in fridge and they hold good in room temperature for up to 3 hours.
Chocolate strawberry is ready!

Serving suggestion:
Have these cuties at any time of day, as snack, dessert or gift them to your loving ones:)


sudha rawal said...

Yummy strawberry.......looks awesome.

Full Scoops said...

Yummy strawberries!

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Chocolate layered with strawberry looks awesome,

Delectable Flavours said...

I usually serve these with desserts and is great!