Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow day lunch

Snow days are expected eagerly by school kids and office goers, and we all know the reason...yes ! That's like another state holiday and people I know welcome it , track it.... get prepared for it ..... do a lot of snack shopping for it ,  get a lot of selfies in snow and totally enjoy it .....if there is power, water and heat and TV snow days become fun for all :)  Snow shoveling is another story and I don't wanna talk about it :)
Yesterday was a snow day for us . So I did some grocery shopping on the previous day just like all those who buy bread and milk just before snow :) 
 I made kingfish curry and fry along with rice and spinach while he was working. He saw me clicking pictures of that and to add fun, he posted that picture in his whatsapp and his friends too started sharing their platters and we enjoyed every moment of it :) Some had already finished lunch and couldn't get their pics here.  His friend Rahul had corn and peas salad, Cletus had crispy dosa, Sunish had traditional fish curry .... all look totally yummy ! Kudos all ! 
Here are a few platters for us all to enjoy !
Crispy Dosai and Sambar from Cletus ...looks yummy !

Fish curry from Sunish I wonder how they brought this beautiful terracota pot here . looks delicious!

Here is our fish curry wih fish fry and spinach :)
 I guess next time we should plan ahead and get pics from all of our friends like a roundup :)
Have a beautiful day you all !

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