Saturday, April 15, 2017

More books .....

On the other day, I was discussing about books with one of my friends. We were talking how books are  replaced by others these days. Anything can be read in internet, but the feel of a paper book is different. Though it is bulky, it has limited browsing effects, it needs more physical space, I love collecting books. When talking about cook books, some think that blogs are replacing cook books. But I will never say so. Recipe blogs can never replace a well trusted generation old cook book. Books give us a nostalgic feel, they take us to our happy places. So I encourage buying books as much as reading a blog.
These are the dollar store gems I got recently. I am yet to finish reading them.  But the topics seemed interesting to me. They are sitting just next to me, while I am trying to find better ways to create good foods, better than my previous.
Happy Easter ! Happy Tamil New year ! Happy Vishu !

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