Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving !

Wish all a very happy Thanksgiving !

If you are planning on a Desi American style of Thanksgiving dinner, then my list may come handy. Enjoy !
Thanks be to God, Happy Thanksgiving,

Pumpkin pancake
Garlic bread
Chicken 65 
Cranberry pickle
Turkey curry (vaan kozhi kulambu)
Turkey biriyani(vaan koli biriyani)
Tamilnadu Muslim style chicken biriyani 
Easy Chicken biriyani in cooker 
Hyderabadi vegetable biriyani 
vegetable biriyani in cooker
Carrot cake
Pumpkin pie
Mango lassi

A week before 'Thanksgiving ' , I gave a small 'Friends-giving ' for my friend Raji . We meet on most days of the week in our fitness center. That's where we first met almost a decade back :)  I made this as a vegan version and we enjoyed it very much. She had brought us a fabulous Almond cake. That Almond cake is one of her many specialities and we all love it very much.
I prepared a vegan spread:  black bean chili (soup), Idli, Ulunthu  vadai, Coconut chutney, Sambar, Pasi paruppu payasam. Hope you all find this interesting.

Friends-giving menu 2019.
Blackbean chili in Instant pot.

Blackbean chili

Raji's Almond cake (Badam barbi). 

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