Sunday, March 1, 2009

Elephant Yam - stir fry

Indian yam stir fry / Senai kilangu pirattal / Suran fry
Hope almost all the regions of India will have a cuisine with this yam.
Fresh yams are a kind of itchy . so carefully chop off its skin by applying tamarind juice in your hands before and after cleaning it. I used the 'frozen surans' which we get in Indian stores.
My mom used to fry wide pieces of senai kilangu (yam) , just like a fish fry and I adore it a lot:) We call it as 'vegetarian fish fry' in my dad's house.(I will post that recipe too , if I see any fresh yam).
But this recipe does not require any deep frying , still maintains a great taste. This 'senai kilangu pirattal' recipe is also from my mom's kitchen notes.
I am sure this is a quick fix recipe to grab the attention of the guests.


Yam - 200 gms
Onion - 1
Tamarind extract - 1 tsp
Fennel seeds (sombu)- 1/2 tsp
olive oil - 3 tbsp
curry leaf - 1 brig
Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Garam masala powder - 1/2 tsp
salt - to taste

Clean the yam by removing the skin and washing it in water.
Chop the yam into medium size cubes.
(Or , if frozen suran is used , then just keep it in a colander and show in running water to defrost it.)
Chop the onion.
Heat oil in a wok, add fennel seeds and let it become red. Add the curry leaves.
Then goes the onion and fry till it becomes tender.
Now add the chopped yam with turmeric powder, salt , and stir fry it.
Reduce the flame to minimum .
Add the tamarind extract and close the wok tightly with a lid.
Stir it occasionally.
After the yam gets cooked add the red chilli powder and garam masala and fry it for few minutes.
Senai kilangu pirattal is ready.

Serving suggestions:

It can be served as side dish with any sambar / more kulambu on plain rice.


We can add the red chilli powder along with yam also, but doing so will emit spicy vapors that no one can stand. So I prefer to add red chilli powder, minutes before switching off.

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Raks said...

I love this one,though i have not tried adding fennel seeds,next time I will!!Thanx

Varsha Vipins said...

I have never tried this Viki..but looks good..We neva add tamarind that new to me too..:)

Divz said...

we too make yam stir fry..but v do not lot of those ingredients with yam!! must be quite a different dish..and hey btw pls collect ur award from my blog v.iki

Divz said...

we too make yam stir fry..but v do not lot of those ingredients with yam!! must be quite a different dish..and hey btw pls collect ur award from my blog viki.

Cham said...

Even my mom slice like a fish piece and fry. That is delicous, Somehow i don't like frozen one. Delicous one!

Shama Nagarajan said...

lovely fry..yummy

Unknown said...

good one...looks yumm..

Finla said...

I love this chenna curry, last time i had this was in India.
Drool drool.

sriharivatsan said...

I love this, but adding tamarind juice was new to me..Sounds good...Revert back to my space, you have got something waiting..

Chitra said...

i havent tried with fennel and garam masala..will try soon..

Premyscakes said...

viki it looks so inviting, it is my fav too.

Unknown said...

I too love vegeterian fish fry..This one i have never tried..It looks delicious!

Sia said...

elephant yam is something i love to hate! seriously :)

Priya Suresh said...

Deicious stir fry, my mom used to deep fry this yam slices..

Malar Gandhi said...

Yam just like fish fry!!! Whoo count me in...waiting, when you will post that!!

This perattal sounds nice too. Will look for the canned yams, here...

Deepa Hari said...

Thank you for stopping by Viki...You have a wonderful space here...Yam looks the addition of fennel seeds and tamarind...Congrats on your awards...Enjoy them.

Recipeswap said...

Good tip abt the Yam!looks neat.

Asha said...

Hi Viki, sorry I am late. After a busy weekend, it started snowing and today is ice n the roads, Kids got 2 days off school, so keeps me busy at home! :)

Suran is Elephant Yam, right? I used to cook with it in India, here I get in cans, not that good, smells like metal. Stir fry looks delicious, enjoy! :)

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thank you friends for your sweet comments and suggestions.
Raks: Yes dear , adding fennel will enhance the fries' flavor.
Varsha: Oh dear, these yams are itchy . So adding tamarind with them neutralizes the taste.
Divz and sri: Thanks for ur loving awards.
Asha: Thats ok dear. U r so sweet, and u inspire me a lot.
Take ur own time dear. But I always look for ur suggestions and comments. U can look for the semi cooked frozen yam/suram in the Indian stores. What I get in NJ tastes almost similar to fresh ones.

Anonymous said...

Yam stir fry looks great viki..congrats for the awards.

Trupti said...

stir fry yam looks very delicious & healthy too. I love yams..thanks for sharing these recipes. Hope you have something for MBP: Kids Food & Recipes For Rest of Us: Picnic Eats event