Friday, November 4, 2016

Cobbler and Ice cream

This is the peach cobbler and kulfi ice cream I made for my husband's friends for their office's Deepavali celebration (Nov). I get enthusiastic whenever they say there's a party with friends, as I like the opportunities to make something different from our regular menu :) .Peach cobbler is totally an eggless dessert that is baked with milk, flour and peaches. Peach cobbler is an US dessert popular in Southern states. It tastes amazing when served warm along with a scoop of ice cream. In my view, the cobbler is one of the easiest desserts and I make it quite often for the parties I host. Indian Kulfi ice cream is a Moghul dessert and it is popular in many countries in Asia. My version is purely for my convenience and it almost tastes like the original Gulfi :)
Try these and tell me how much you like it.  Click the links for the recipes (my earlier posts).

Peach cobbler (this large one is for our friends and that small tray is for my hd to taste first)

Homemade Indian Fruit and nut Kulfi ice cream
My list of  Indianized ice creams  :
1. Short cut Kulfi (from store bought ice cream)
2. Almond kulfi
3.Coconut milk ice cream
4.Pistachio Kulfi
5. Fruit and nut kulfi

Peach cobbler with Indian kulfi ice cream

Enjoy !


Rafeeda AR said...

That cobbler looks fantastic... especially pairing it warm with ice cream is always amazing...

Vikis Kitchen said...

Thanks Rafee :)