Monday, July 29, 2019

A picnic meal !

Last weekend we planned to go to beach. Summer in NJ are very short, but hot. So we thought of making use of it. Hubby dear asked me to bring anyone of his favorite dishes as we like homemade better. So I prepared this : Lemon rice, masala egg, fryums, channa dal chutney.
Lemon rice, paruppu thogayal, masala egg,  vadagam.

As it was a Sunday, we planned to make a stop at St.Martha's church on the way to attend the mass. But while starting he said that it would take only 53 mins to reach the church, so we should start accordingly and he did not want to be there too early. He did his usual phone calls...we had a coffee and then we started around 11 am. While driving only we realized that everyone in the town is on the road to the beach :)
The traffic became too heavy...too slow and the sun was getting hotter. Then after 40 mins we understood that we have to find another church on that road, as the mass would start by 12 noon. I googled and found a beautiful church 'St. Lawrence church' near Perth Amboy in Laurence harbor. We went there , attended the nice mass and came out. It is a very beautiful church and we felt blessed to go there.

Now we started again towards the beach.
My hubby dear asked me , ' you made ice cream at home?'
Me: Yes. It's in our house.
DH: I liked the lemon rice you are bringing.
Me: (I felt so so happy)...yes , it is your favorite, next to tomato rice :)
DH:I like all that combo. But it is so hot outside, the traffic also moving very slow. I am feeling hungry now itself .
Me : what ?
DH: How about we turn around and go to Piscataway and we can have very good lunch comfortably sitting in our dining table with the AC on. Have we not seen enough of summer or Are we new to beaches ma ?
Me: (I couldn't stop laughing loud). (I understood what he is trying to do) .
Me: How about binge watching our 'Smallville' series too :) Is that your plan ?
DH: you got me :)
Then we came home and had this picnic meal at home and watched some TV shows :)

This story may not be adventurous or worth sharing, but I feel like writing it down. Good that we didn't ask S to come with us.....LOL !

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