Thursday, October 28, 2010

Boondhi ladoo

Sweets and Deepavali are inseparable. Here is my ladoo for you all to enjoy.
My hearty prayers and well wishes to you all on this golden occasion. Happy Deepavali to you all!

Boondhi ladoo prepared.

Boondhi ladoo:
Boondhi ladoo or simply the laddu available in SouthIndia is different from motichoor ladoo. A traditional South Indian ladu resembles the famous Tirupathi ladoo and long lasting in room temperature too. while the mothichoor version is more soft, colorful and should be kept in fridge to ensure the freshness.

This is my mom's recipe and I have seen her struggling during Deepavalis with these to get that shape. Those were the days when moms would start making sweets and savories nearly a week before Diwali. Ladoo is her specialty. Her kitchen is large and well ventilated, so that many can join hands during festival days.
Ladoo making is a laborious task, if we don't plan well ahead. She and her maid would simplify the job by frying the boondhis on one evening and the ladoo making the next day. She used to have a long list of friends to send gifts during Diwali. Those large vessels sleeping now in the attic would be filled with home made murukku, muthiri kothu, athirasam, achi murukku, ladoo and another remarkable sweet which I will tell later . My ladoo saga started again, when we wanted to prepare for a thanks giving.

Ladoo has given me so many sweet memories and it is my most favorite sweet too. Those box of ladoo my chithappa used to buy for me from the Lakshmi vilas, my friend M's loving Tirupathi ladoo came through USPS, my elder uncle's care to take me to Tirupathi in my childhood, Kanagam mama buying ghee ladoo for me, my mom's diwali rushes, the carry home gifts of marriages, hubby's strong passion and possessiveness for these home made ladoos, etc etc:)

Boondi soaked in sugar syrup before making the ladu balls.
Ladoo I made for Valentine's day 2013

Besan flour (kadalai mavu)- 5 cups (1 kg)
(1 -200 ml cup / 200 gms flour yields nearly 10 ladoo)
(water for boondhi- almost half the flour)
sugar - 5 cups (1 kg)
(water for syrup - almost 75% of sugar measure; 4 cups)
baking soda - 1/2 tsp
oil - 1/2 liter (500 ml)
cardamom - 15
pachai karpuram (edible camphor) - a pinch
cashew - 50 number
raisin - 50 number

Special equipment needed:
1.A perforated vessel to make boondhis.
(If we are doing for a small batch, say 1 cup flour, then make holes on a disposable plate using a skewer. I have done this home made boondhi making plate , before buying a traditional boondhi maker and it was very successful too.).
2. disposable hand gloves to bear the heat. Those days they didn't use gloves, I can't imagine that.

Preparing Boondhi:
Mix the baking soda, yellow food color - 2 drops (optional), with a cup of water and pour it into the four. Add water little by little, till it reaches a thick dosa batter consistency. The consistency should be so thick that, if we place a scoop of batter on the perforated plate, it should not run down (we press and make spheres through the holes).

In the same time heat few tbsps of ghee in a broad wok and fry the cashew nuts and raisins separately. Keep aside.

Now add the oil in the wok and start heating slowly, without reaching the fuming point. Gently pour a ladle of batter over the boondhi making plate and press it to the hot oil. Fry till its done. The final product should be crispy.(My version calls for crispy white boondhis. But if you want, you can make soft boondhis too) . Drain oil , let cool and store them.

Making ladoo:
Then in your convenient time, start preparing the syrup. You may need more time and energy to prepare these balls.

Mix the 5 cups of white-sugar with 4 cups of water and *heat it till we get a two thread consistency. (Test:A drop of sugar syrup put in a cup of cold water remains intact as a hard ball). Switch off and add fried boondhis, cardamom powder, fried cashews, raisins. Stir well.

Wear your gloves and start preparing the cute balls out of that hot boondhi mix. Rub some melted ghee to get a good shape. Hurry up, before they get solidify. Make sure that each and every ladoo gets a cahsew and a raisin:)
If you can't do it fast, it may crystallize and the ladoo won't hold together. If it solidifies , don't panic. Just heat the sweetened boondhi with a drop of water, make sure it melts and start making the remaining ladoo.

Boondhi ladu is ready!

* //If making small quantity if ladoo, then no need for 2 thread consistency syrup. Single thread is enough. //
We can make these ladoos using ready-made boondhis too. But buy the boondhi without salt or seasoning.
Don't be anxious on the results. The ladoo will turn out successful for all.It will be much easier, if we split and do the process as said in the anecdote.
Add 1/2 cup milk powder to boondhi syrup mixture, before making the laddu. This gives a more rich taste.

My treat for you all on  Diwali::

Boondhi ladoo
Athirasam (with rice flour)

Gulab Jamun
Carrot halwa
Wheat Halwa
Mysore bah
Maida Burfi
Badam katli
Milk peda(MW method)
Rava ladoo
Besan flour ladoo

Cashew pakoda
Ulunthu Vadai
Cinema theater samsa
Ribbon Pakoda
ordinary pakoda
Vaazhai poo vadai
Masal vadai

Payasam and kesari:
Semiya Javvarisi Paal Payasam
Paruppu payasam
Pineapple kesari
Rava kesari

For health:
Sukku malli coffee
Deepavali Legiyam
Home made Digestion syrup

Enjoy and have a beautiful Deepavali!


Satya said...

boondhi ladoos looks so perfect n delicious dear ...u made them so beautifully n lovely explanation too


புவனேஸ்வரி ராமநாதன் said...

Superb. Happy Deepavali.

Shama Nagarajan said...

yummy ladoo..

Swathi said...

Delicious and yummy Ladoo. You have wonderful collection of sweets.

Mamatha said...

Thanks for the recipe i really wanna try this.

aipi said...

Ohh Wow! These look professionally made! I still haven't gotten the courage to try making these..neat pics too!

US Masala

Priya Suresh said...

Feel like grabbing some..prefect looking laddoos..

Sangi said...

those ladoos look great... wanna try them.. neatly explained recipe with great pics..

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

love those ladoos... My mom also starts weeks in advance....

Nandinis food said...

Perfect ladoos. Wonderful collections!

Devasena Hariharan said...

Happy Deepavali!!

Saraswathy Balakrishnan said...

Send some over to my home and will have them for deepavali dear..looks mouth-watering. Guess wht we are preparing t ladoos for Deepavali too:)

Sushma Mallya said...

one of my ladoos, perfect for this festive season...

Sandhya Hariharan said...

thanks for the elaborate list of sweets n savories...
it will easy to decide wot to make this diwali

Suja Manoj said...

Yummy yum ladoos..looks so festive,love it

Cham said...

Good one and they look perfect! Happy Deepavali!

Jaleela Kamal said...

super diwali treat, super ladoo

Rina said...

Super yum boodhi laddu dear..a staple at christmas back home..these look so similar..

Rachana said...

A delicious sweet and perfect for this festive season :-)

Suparna said...

hi viki,
Boondi laddoos remind me of marriages and other such big celebrations :) love this sweet from my childhood...would dare to make it at home though ;)
U have the patience lady! hats off!
Wishing u and ur family a great time this Diwali!
May the festival of lights bring wellness, brightness and prosperity in manifolds to u and ur loved ones...

Cynthia said...

Happy Diwali!

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