Friday, March 20, 2015

Green fuit salad

St. Patrick's day (March 17) is associated with green as a symbol to remember the shamrock and Holy Trinity, as described by the Saint. It is a festival of the Irish. It is widely celebrated in America for  a whole week or more. Any food made in green color, wearing green color dresses, green shamrock earrings and accessories is the way we celebrate it here in USA.
I like this day very much and here is the St.Patrick's day dish I made to enjoy with friends and family.

Here is a list of Green color fruits ( I could find in stores):
Galia melon
green seedless grapes
green apple (granny smith apple)
kiwi fruit
green pear
key lime - 1/2
powdered sugar - to taste (optional)

Honeydew, kiwi, golden delicious apple, green pear, green seedless grapes.

Refrigerate the leftover green fruits salad and enjoy as snack !

Peel the honeydew, melons , kiwi and chop them into small cubes. Then slice the apple (I used golden delicious as they are sweeter) without peeling. Then toss all the fruits in a wide mixing bowl and sprinkle some lime juice (yes, it is green too) (to prevent discoloration of apple).  We can add few tsp of sugar, just before serving (optional).... tada!!! a very easy and beautiful green dessert for St.Patrick's day is ready !
Read health benefits of green color fruits .
Have a happy and beautiful celebration !

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