Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Rosemilk falooda

As far as I know, Falooda is a welcome drink in North India. It can be served as dessert too.  Falooda was not popular in my native place until we came to US. But I have tasted it in Chennai. I didn't try to make it for a long time, until I prepared one vanilla falooda along with my neighbor aunty on a weekend. She prepares this in a jiffy, while all are talking. I assist her in arranging and serving, that's my first falooda experience.  But after learning her method, I made this rose milk falooda for her and our family on a summer weekend. As I made this as a mid-morning drink for us all, I kept everything ready the day before itself. (read my recipe below to know how to save time in making falooda). Then just before serving I layered the ingredients and topped it with homemade kulfi ice cream. If we are not having kulfi ice cream, then add some crushed nuts and dry fruits along with the cooked vermicelli to make it richer.

A welcome drink !


Rosemilk mix, basil seeds, thin vermicelli

mix the rosemilk mix in  1/4 c cold milk

Bring whole milk to a boil and add sugar.

add the rose milk mix and mix well

soak the basil seeds and keep refrigerated until use

cooking the vermicelli noodles

keep everything handy and  keep refrigerated

prepare the falooda up to this stage before adding ice cream and keep refrigerated.

Just before serving add a scoop of ice cream in each glass and enjoy !

Rosemilk mix - 2 tbsp
whole milk - 3 cups
sugar - 1/2 cup
Falooda semiya (thin vermicelli) - 2 handful
water - to cook semiya
sabja seeds (basil / Takmariya seeds) - 3 tbsp
Vanilla or kulfi ice cream - 1 scoop per glass

1.Bring whole milk to a boil. Dissolve the rose milk mix in 1/4 cup cold milk or water. Add this to the boiling milk and mix well. If needed add required sugar to make it really really sweet. This is important, because once we cool the milk, it may need more sugar. Let it cool completely and keep in fridge.
2. Keep the falooda seeds (basil) in a container. Add enough water to immerse it. It may take nearly 30 minutes to soak and puff up.
3. Bring 3 cups of water to boil. Add the thin semiya. It will get cooked in a minute. Using a colander, drain the water and discard. Rinse the vermicelli in cold water , so that it gets loosened. Keep in fridge.

I suggest doing these 3 steps ahead of time , as they need to get cooled very well before serving. Also making them ahead would be a great idea if served for guests as a welcome drink.

Assembling the falooda:
Keep ready some tall glass tumblers.
Divide the vermicelli and put a little in each glass.
Likewise divide the rose milk and pour in each glass equally.
Top with soaked basil seeds.
Keep in fridge until serving.
Just before serving, add a generous scoop of kulfi ice cream and place a spoon in each drink.
Rosemilk falooda is ready !

Serving suggestion:
Serve as dessert or mid-morning drink.
Makes 5 glasses of medium size (8 oz).


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