Friday, July 29, 2016

St. Martha's day

Today is St.Martha's day. This is not just a day for a saint, this is the day for all housewives. 
St.Martha is the patron saint of housewives, waiters and waitress.

When Jesus visited Martha and Mary's house, Martha worked hard to cook and serve the Lord. While Mary was sitting and listening to the Lord. (Both are essential in my opinion. If a guest comes, someone should accompany them and that is what Mary was doing. At the same time someone needs to cook and serve the guests too, and that's Martha). May be Mary had a greater vision about God than Martha and she could have known about HIS miracles better. But as a normal woman, Martha tried to do her best to take care of Jesus and his friends that accompanied him to her house. In my view, the world needs more Marthas as well as Marys...well if possible a mix of both in one body :)
St. Martha cooking and serving for Jesus and his followers.(Image courtesy :link )
She is one of my most favorite saints. Blessed are her hands that cooked for our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Have a beautiful day all !
Viki Xavier

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